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5th February 2013, 18:49
Is there a new layout to the forum? Just logged in now and find it not as easy to view posts as they aren't in boxes, moving adverts as the bottom and side (probably necessary but annoying nonetheless).
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norah (admin)

6th February 2013, 09:50
The Forum does indeed have a new layout which is still being tweaked by Ash and his team, generally it has received favourable reviews but there are still a few minor issues outstanding.

As for the VERY annoying adverts, I am afraid that we are stuck with them as they pay for the free Forum. Ash is running a business and it is a necessary fact of life that the Forum has to pay for itself. The work put in by the team last week (all degree standard software engineers) came to several £100's and this cost has to come from somewhere. Sorry!
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6th February 2013, 22:19
I did say annoying, not very (in capitals or otherwise) annoying and did agree that they were probably necessary.

On another note at the bottom there is a blue button with white writing on it which looks like Upda........ation (where I have used dots are the black letters Add Reply). I think I read somewhere that it was because use IE. Is that the case?
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norah (admin)

7th February 2013, 09:36
On my computer underneath the 'Your Response' box is a blue button which says UPDATE INFORMATION. I'll let Ash know about your prolem.

The team have looked at the missing letters issue raised elsewhere and can't find anything wrong with the system. It may just one of those things or it could be related to an advert that is running. Certainly all the problems seem to occur when Internet Explorer is being used. I use Firefox and have had no problems at all. Others use Google Chrome and they too are not reporting problems.
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7th February 2013, 09:44
Am I the only one who would prefer the old site back but with the new navigation buttons?
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7th February 2013, 10:14
I'm happy with the new site!
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7th February 2013, 10:20
I thought I was on the wrong site as I'd signed on via the library. But thank you for providing a free updated service and we'll just have to live with the ads I suppose!
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7th February 2013, 17:10
I've logged on using Firefox and the blue button Update Information is fine.

Is there anyway that you can see the reply that we are replying to rather than just the original post? I've just had to go back to see what was said and then go back again. Or have I missed something? Thanks.
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7th February 2013, 17:16
instead of clicking on Add Reply use the Reply to this post where it says "Report This Post - Reply to this post" at the bottom left of the actual post, rather than the bottom of the page.
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7th February 2013, 17:16
Click on reply to this post.
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