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10th August 2012, 00:25
Hi all,

A bit later than expected, but here are the solution and wordplay files for The Triple Teaser No2. Hope you enjoyed it and this clarifies the 3-way wordplays.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any question marks about the clues.

Cheers, Les40
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10th August 2012, 01:14
Thanks, Les.

Got 23A, but turned out to be 6 of one ...
No worse than my original guess. Of course URDU for 20D made no sense.

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10th August 2012, 01:24
Hope you enjoyed it then. Wasn't sure if you and aristo would struggle on the 'Diversity' link in 18d, being non-English TV watchers.
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10th August 2012, 01:35
That was one of my ?s.

Btw, 20D has a minor typo - ST(URGE)ON

Faves: 13A, 22A, 1D, 4D

Well done.
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10th August 2012, 02:01
You're right Syzzie, I've put in double 'E' instead of 'EO', I had not noticed. Thanks mate

I'm glad you liked 13a, it was one of my favourites to clue, but wasn't sure if you would all get the '&lit' with the first parts.

Speak soon Syzzie, just off to put a clue on the Peer Review and then bed time for me mate.

Glad you liked the American spelling ref in 1d too, i thought you and aristo would appreciate that one, I like the way it sounds, as though it refers to a Black American person as a misdirection.
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10th August 2012, 02:59
Lots of fun, many thanks. You had me well and truely beat with 23a, I couldn't shake off filo even when I got 20d. Got the rest, though, a good challenge. Look forward to the next one.
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10th August 2012, 03:53
I did get them all right, but with a few "puzzlements". Diversity did have me stumped at first, but when I'd figured out the answer I googled it with diversity and your mean trick was exposed. It took a while for the color/colour thing to click too. Tricky. Great puzzle, Les.
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10th August 2012, 07:37
Great puzzle, les - I thoroughly enjoyed it. Got all the right answers, but didn't see all the explanations!
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10th August 2012, 10:13
Thanks as always, Les. Great puzzle.
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