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16th June 2012, 17:30
I don't have the puzzle in front of me now but there was one answer - the one with Toddy in the clue (the answer was Palmyra) which I 'solved' but didn't understand.
I'd be grateful if someone who has the crossword/has finished the crossword and understands how 'toddy' fits in, could enlighten me, please?
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16th June 2012, 17:32
Apparently Palmyra is both a place in Syria, and, due to misunderstanding of etymology, a palm sugar, jaggery or TODDY made from palms.
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16th June 2012, 17:35
Didn't have the crossword but found this!
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16th June 2012, 17:40
Thank you both very much.
That 'Jaggery' sounded intriguing.
I hope it is not like that mythical 'Binge', the drinking of which is the bane of society.
I've been to hundreds of pubs and never yet found a single one selling Binge.
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