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24th September 2009, 19:30
I see today's puzzle has foxed more than just me. Makes a change...

"Retired hatter I believe supplies what priest wears" = beretta (which I know is a priest's hat.)

"Earhole accident: retained this in it perhaps?" = cochlea (part of ear). At first glance, this looked like an anagram of earhole...

Many thanks.
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24th September 2009, 19:35
hi pook. kick yuself.
biretta (an "i" instead of "e") is written backwards in the clue.
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24th September 2009, 19:39
Hi PS.

The priest's hat is spelled biretta. This word appears in reverse in the clue.

Take 'retained' out of 'Earhole accident' and you are left with the letters to make 'cochlea'.

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24th September 2009, 19:48
Thanks gents. I'll give myself a gentle kick I think. S'been a busy day...
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