Yawn-inducing - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Yawn-inducing.

5 letter answer(s) to yawn-inducing

  1. repeated too often; overfamiliar through overuse;
  2. trite

6 letter answer(s) to yawn-inducing

  1. make a hole, especially with a pointed power or hand tool; "don't drill here, there's a gas pipe"; "drill a hole into the wall"; "drill for oil"; "carpenter bees are boring holes into the wall"
  2. the act of drilling a hole in the earth in the hope of producing petroleum
  3. cause to be bored
  4. the act of drilling
  5. so lacking in interest as to cause mental weariness; "a boring evening with uninteresting people"; "the deadening effect of some routine tasks"; "a dull play"; "his competent but dull performance"; "a ho-hum speaker who couldn't capture their attention"; "what an irksome task the writing of long letters is"- Edmund Burke; "tedious days on the train"; "the tiresome chirping of a cricket"- Mark Twain; "other people's dreams are dreadfully wearisome"

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