Where the action is - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Where the action is.

5 letter answer(s) to where the action is

  1. a large structure for open-air sports or entertainments
  2. a playing field where sports events take place
  3. Milieu
  4. the central area of an ancient Roman amphitheater where contests and spectacles were held; especially an area that was strewn with sand
  1. a consecutive series of pictures that constitutes a unit of action in a film
  2. a display of bad temper; "he had a fit"; "she threw a tantrum"; "he made a scene"
  3. a situation treated as an observable object; "the political picture is favorable"; "the religious scene in England has changed in the last century"
  4. a subdivision of an act of a play; "the first act has three scenes"
  5. an incident (real or imaginary); "their parting was a sad scene"
  6. graphic art consisting of the graphic or photographic representation of a visual percept; "he painted scenes from everyday life"; "figure 2 shows photographic and schematic views of the equipment"
  7. the context and environment in which something is set; "the perfect setting for a ghost story"
  8. the painted structures of a stage set that are intended to suggest a particular locale; "they worked all night painting the scenery"
  9. the place where some action occurs; "the police returne

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