Section - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 29/04/2019

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Section.

  1. a part of a structure having some specific characteristic or function; "the spacious cooking area provided plenty of room for servants"
  2. the extent of a 2-dimensional surface enclosed within a boundary; "the area of a rectangle"; "it was about 500 square feet in area"
  3. a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve; "in the abdominal region"
  4. a subject of study; "it was his area of specialization"; "areas of interest include..."
  5. a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography)
  1. notice or perceive; "She noted that someone was following her"; "mark my words"
  2. discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of; "
  3. the act of noticing or paying attention; "he escaped the notice of the police"
  4. polite or favorable attention; "his hard work soon attracted the teacher's notice"
  5. a short critical review; "the play received good notices"
  6. an announcement containing information about an event; "you didn't give me enough notice"; "an obituary notice"; "a notice of sale
  7. a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement; "a poster advertised the coming attractions"
  8. a request for payment; "the notification stated the grace period and the penalties for defaulting"
  9. advance notification (usually written) of the intention to withdraw from an arrangement of contract; "we received a notice to vacate the premises"; "he gave notice two months before he moved"
  10. make or write a comment on; "he
  1. one of several parts or pieces that fit with others to constitute a whole object; "a section of a fishing rod"; "metal sections were used below ground"; "finished the final segment of the road"
  2. one of the parts into which something naturally divides; "a segment of an orange"
  3. divide or split up; "The cells segmented"
  4. divide into segments; "segment an orange"; "segment a compound word"

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