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4 letter answer(s) to quarter-mile race, e.g.

  1. move slowly and as if with great effort
  2. use a computer mouse to move icons on the screen and select commands from a menu; "drag this icon to the lower right hand corner of the screen"
  3. the act of dragging (pulling with force); "the drag up the hill exhausted him"
  4. force into some kind of situation, condition, or course of action; "They were swept up by the events"; "don't drag me into this business"
  5. a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke); "he took a puff on his pipe"; "he took a drag on his cigarette and expelled the smoke slowly"
  6. clothing that is conventionally worn by the opposite sex (especially women's clothing when worn by a man); "he went to the party dressed in drag"; "the waitresses looked like missionaries in drag"
  7. something tedious and boring; "peeling potatoes is a drag"
  8. something that slows or delays progress; "taxation is a drag on the economy"; "too many laws are a drag on the use of new land"

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