Pull - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 01/07/2022

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Pull.

5 letter answer(s) to pull

  1. (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
  2. a short nail with a flat head; used to attach sheet metal to wood
  3. special advantage or influence; "the chairman's nephew has a lot of pull"
  4. a target used in archery
  5. strike hard, especially with the fist; "He clouted his attacker"

4 letter answer(s) to pull

  1. proceed for an extended period of time; "The speech dragged on for two hours"
  2. persuade to come away from something attractive or interesting; "He dragged me away from the television set"
  3. suck in or take (air); "draw a deep breath"; "draw on a cigarette"
  4. search (as the bottom of a body of water) for something valuable or lost
  5. pull, as against a resistance; "He dragged the big suitcase behind him"; "These worries were dragging at him"
  6. draw slowly or heavily; "haul stones"; "haul nets"
  7. the act of dragging (pulling with force); "the drag up the hill exhausted him"
  8. walk without lifting the feet
  9. a slow inhalation (as of tobacco smoke); "he took a puff on his pipe"; "he took a drag on his cigarette and expelled the smoke slowly"
  10. to lag or linger behind; "But in so many other areas we still are dragging"
  11. clothing that is conventionally worn by the opposite sex (especially women's clothing when w
  1. suck in or take (air); "draw a deep breath"; "draw on a cigarette"
  2. move or go steadily or gradually; "The ship drew near the shore"
  3. pass over, across, or through; "He ran his eyes over her body"; "She ran her fingers along the carved figurine"; "He drew her hair through his fingers"
  4. cause to flow; "The nurse drew blood"
  5. move or pull so as to cover or uncover something; "draw the shades"; "draw the curtains"
  6. cause to move in a certain direction by exerting a force upon, either physically or in an abstract sense; "A declining dollar pulled down the export figures for the last quarter"
  7. stretch back a bowstring (on an archer's bow); "The archers were drawing their bows"
  8. get or derive; "He drew great benefits from his membership in the association"
  9. cause to localize at one point; "Draw blood and pus"
  10. thread on or as if on a string; "string pearls on a string"; "the child drew glass beads on a string";
  1. an American (especially to non-Americans)
  2. an American who lives in the North (especially during the American Civil War)
  3. pull, or move with a sudden movement; "He turned the handle and jerked the door open"

9 letter answer(s) to pull

  1. shape or influence; give direction to; "experience often determines ability"; "mold public opinion"
  2. causing something without any direct or apparent effort
  3. induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money"
  4. a power to affect persons or events especially power based on prestige etc; "used her parents' influence to get the job"
  5. have and exert influence or effect; "The artist's work influenced the young painter"; "She worked on her friends to support the political candidate"
  6. a cognitive factor that tends to have an effect on what you do; "her wishes had a great influence on his thinking"
  7. one having power to influence another; "she was the most important influence in my life"; "he was a bad influence on the children"
  8. the effect of one thing (or person) on another; "the influence of mechanical action"
  9. power

3 letter answer(s) to pull

  1. drag behind; "Horses used to tow barges along the canal"
  2. the act of hauling something (as a vehicle) by means of a hitch or rope; "the truck gave him a tow to the garage"
  1. move by pulling hard; "The horse finally tugged the cart out of the mud"
  2. carry with difficulty; "You'll have to lug this suitcase"
  3. tow (a vessel) with a tug; "The tugboat tugged the freighter into the harbor"
  4. strive and make an effort to reach a goal; "She tugged for years to make a decent living"; "We have to push a little to make the deadline!"; "She is driving away at her doctoral thesis"
  5. a sudden abrupt pull
  6. a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships
  7. Yank
  8. struggle in opposition; "She tugged and wrestled with her conflicts"
  9. pull hard; "The prisoner tugged at the chains"; "This movie tugs at the heart strings"
  10. pull or strain hard at; "Each oar was tugged by several men"

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