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Crossword Clue Last Updated: 21/07/2019

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Puzzled.

7 letter answer(s) to puzzled


4 letter answer(s) to puzzled

  1. fail to make money in a business; make a loss or fail to profit; "I lost thousands of dollars on that bad investment!"; "The company turned a loss after the first year"
  2. not caught with the senses or the mind; "words lost in the din"
  3. people who are destined to die soon; "the agony of the doomed was in his voice"
  4. be set at a disadvantage; "This author really suffers in translation"
  5. unable to function; without help
  6. fail to win; "We lost the battle but we won the war"
  7. no longer in your possession or control; unable to be found or recovered; "a lost child"; "lost friends"; "his lost book"; "lost opportunities"
  8. retreat
  9. spiritually or physically doomed or destroyed; "lost souls"; "a lost generation"; "a lost ship"; "the lost platoon"
  10. place (something) where one cannot find it again; "I misplaced my eyeglasses"
  11. not gained or won; "a lost battle"; "a lost prize"
  12. suffer the loss of a per

6 letter answer(s) to puzzled


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