One who - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue One who.

4 letter answer(s) to one who

  1. someone who leaves
  1. a material effigy that is worshipped; "thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image"; "money was his god"
  2. an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept
  3. someone who is adored blindly and excessively
  1. an intelligent but single-minded expert in a particular technical field or profession
  2. an insignificant student who is ridiculed as being affected or boringly studious
  3. Geek

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"American ___"
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Adored one
Adrenaline rising for some boring specialist
An intelligent but single-minded expert
Any Beatle, once
Any of the Beatles, once
Anyone who can speak Klin
Awkward person regularly in tears on date
Baal, e.g.
Big star, say
Billy who sang "Rebel Yel
Billy's head down in the swimming pool
Boringly studious person
Brainy, socially inept so
Britney Spears, to some
Britney Spears, to teen g
Bully's prey, often
Bully's prey, traditional
Bully's target, maybe
Church annex?
Computer key
Convention conclusion?
Creature in Dr. Seuss's "
Darling, promise of marriage's a little late
Dateless sort
Dilbert, e.g.
Disappointing date, maybe
Doofus-y sort
Dorky sort
Dully studious type
Dweeby sort
Eggheady sort
Elvis or Fabian, once
Elvis or Madonna, e.g.
Elvis Presley or Marilyn
Elvis Presley, in the 50'
Elvis, for one
Elvis, once
Encyclopedia reader from
False god
Fan club focus
Fan club's honoree
Fan favorite
Fan mail recipient
Fan's fixation
Favorite one
Fawned-over figure
Fawning target
Fetishist's object
Figure one has only half a buck
Fox hit "American ___"
Fox hit since 2002, infor
Fox TV's "American ___"
Fox's "American ___"
Geeky guy
Geeky sort
Golden calf
Golden calf, e.g.
Golden deity, say
Graven image
Guy with his nose always
Hardly a hipster
Hardly Mr. Cool
Hero doing nothing to an audience
Hero doing nothing to speak of
Hero from Left supporting response in union ceremony
Hero having nothing to do on radio?
Hero to many
Hit Fox show, in headline
Hollywood favorite
I make large statue to worship
I'd look up to this hero
Image of a god
Immunity item on "Survivo
Immunity ___ on "Survivor
Internet addict, perhaps
It may be false
It may follow convention
It might be surrounded by
Jet-set sort
Jock's counterpart
Kelly Clarkson or Taylor
Kelly Clarkson, once
Lively person - feasible idea
Loved one
Loved one not working, you say?
Lover of brain games
Many a character on "The
Massive star
Mathlete, stereotypically
Matinee hero
Matinee ___
Michael Jordan, e.g.
Miley Cyrus, to teens
Movie star
Mr. Uncool
Much-loved celebrity
No stay-at-home
Not just a star
Object of adoration
Object of blind devotion
Object of devotion
Object of incense burning
Object of many screams
Old impostor useless when speaking
One doing commercial endo
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One on a pedestal
One on the move
One socially challenged
One who might celebrate P
One who's looked up to
One who's socially cluele
One who's worshiped
One's most admired feature of Hello? Diddly-squat on reflection
Overly bookish sort
Overly brainy sort
Pagoda sight
Part of a temple's d
Party held by the Italian star
Pedestal figure
Pedestal topper
Person on a poster
Person who gets picked on
Person with fans
Poindexter type
Pop star
Pop star, say
Poster boy?
Projected vain image
Quiz bowl lover, say
Reportedly lazy superstar
Revered figure
Revered object
Revered one
Revered person
Ricky Martin, for one
Rock star, e.g.
Rock star, say
Role in many teen flicks
Role model
Role model, maybe
Rolling Stone cover subje
Runs, wearing Edward's anorak
Screen fave
Screen favorite
Second commandment no-no
Second Commandment taboo
Simon Cowell's show, for
Social bungler
Social misfit
Socially challenged perso
Socially inept fellow participating in dinner-dance
Socially inept person
Some stoner dude?
Someone who's looked up t
Square type
Square, updated
Star exploding - somewhat taken aback
Studious sort, and proud
Subject of adoration
Suffix with movie
Suffix with party
Suffix with theater
Taped eyeglasses wearer
Taylor Hicks, e.g.
Tech expert backed element of education in study
Teen Beat cover subject
Teen fave
Teen magazine profilee
Teen People cover subject
Teen woe
Teen ___
Teen ___ (heartthrob)
Temple figure
Temple image
The golden calf was one
This may be hard to date
Tiger Beat cover subject
TV's "American ___"
Typical Rick Moranis film
Uncool one
Uncool sort
Unhip person
Unlikely candidate for pr
Unlikely class president
Unlikely party animal
Unlikely prom king
Unpopular sort
Wannabe's model
What's all the screaming
When in church for instance
Wildfowl dropping odd bits onto statue
Word after matinee or tee
Worshipped figure
Worshipped image
Worshipped object
Worshipped statue

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