Bearing - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 12/02/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Bearing.

8 letter answer(s) to bearing

  1. a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around
  2. a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses
  3. a machine part that carries something else
  4. a railcar where passengers ride
  5. characteristic way of bearing one's body; "stood with good posture"
  1. the act of being present
  2. dignified manner or conduct
  3. the impression that something is present; "he felt the presence of an evil force"
  4. the immediate proximity of someone or something; "she blushed in his presence"; "he sensed the presence of danger"; "he was well behaved in front of company"
  5. an invisible spiritual being felt to be nearby
  6. the state of being present; current existence; "he tested for the presence of radon"

6 letter answer(s) to bearing

  1. a way of acting or behaving
  2. how something is done or how it happens; "her dignified manner"; "his rapid manner of talking"; "their nomadic mode of existence"; "in the characteristic New York style"; "a lonely way of life"; "in an abrasive fashion"
  3. a kind; "what manner of man are you?"

4 letter answer(s) to bearing

  1. dignified manner or conduct
  2. Mien is a lake in southern Sweden, 12 km (7.5 mi) southwest of the town of Tingsryd. The lake is formed within a meteorite crater.
  3. Appearance

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