Vane letters - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 07/01/2022

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Vane letters.

3 letter answer(s) to vane letters

  1. the compass point midway between northeast and east
  1. the compass point midway between east and southeast

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16th letter of the Spanis
180 degrees from WNW
67.5 deg.
>From S.F. to Wyo.
A storm heading: Abbr.
Abilene-to-Waco dir.
Acetyl ender
Amarillo-to-Dallas dir.
Anchorage-to-Fairbanks di
Argot suffix
Ariz.-to-Kan. dir.
Atlanta-to-Raleigh dir.
Austin-to-N.Y.C. path
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Boise-to-Billings dir.
Buffalo-to-Rochester dir.
Canton ender
Capt.'s direction
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir.
Chemical ending
Chemical suffix
Chicago-to-Pittsburgh dir
Cincinnati-to-New York di
Cleveland-to-Baltimore di
Colo.-to-Ga. direction
Compass dir.
Compass direction (abbr.)
Compass heading
Compass point
Compass point (abbr.)
Compass pt.
Compass reading
Compass reading (abbr.)
Computer add-on
Computer add-on?
Computer attachment?
Copenhagen-to-Riga dir.
Course setting: Abbr.
Dallas-to-Memphis dir.
Detroit-to-Philadelphia d
Detroit-to-Toronto dir.
Dir. from Asheville to Wi
Dir. from Springfield, Ma
Dir. of I-64 going up Ky.
Dir. the Ebro flows
Direction from K.C. to De
Direction from L.A. to K.
Edmonton-to-Regina dir.
Edmonton-to-Winnipeg dir.
End of a race?
Ending with Brooklyn or C
Ending with butyl
Ending with methyl
Erie-to-Phila. dir.
Ethnic suffix
Ethyl ender
Ethyl ending
Ethyl finish
From Ft. Myers to Ft. Pie
From K.C. to Detroit
From Neb. to Ky.
From Okla. City to Mobile
From Okla. City to Tulsa
From S.F. to Las Vegas
From S.F. to Tahoe
General dir. of Sal Parad
General dir. of the St. L
Hamburg-to-Berlin dir.
Heading abbr.
Heading opposite WSW
Helm heading
How the Des Moines R. flo
Hurricane heading
Hurricane heading: Abbr.
Hydrocarbon suffix
In the style of: Suffix
Japan finish?
Jargon ender
Jargon suffix
Journal addendum?
Journal conclusion
Journal ending
Lake Erie-to-Lake Ontario
Language ending
Language suffix
Lansing-to-Detroit dir.
Lansing-to-Flint dir.
Laredo-to-Galveston dir.
Le Havre-to-Paris dir.
Legal conclusion
Legal conclusion?
Legal ending
Like some courses: Abbr.
Like the Capitol bldg. vi
Lingo suffix
Lingo: Suffix
Linguistic suffix
Little Rock-to-Birmingham
Liverpool-to-Nottingham d
London-to-Dover dir.
Lubbock-to-Abilene dir.
Lubbock-to-Fort Worth dir
Macon-to-Augusta dir.
Mali-to-Libya dir.
Map dir.
Mariner's dir.
Medical suffix
Memphis-to-Nashville dir.
Methyl or ethyl follower
Nantes-to-Paris dir.
Nationality suffix
Naut. heading
Navigation abbr.
Navigation abbreviation
Needle point?
Needle point?: Abbr.
Nice-to-Rome dir.
Oahu-to-Maui dir.
Official conclusion?
One way to travel: Abbr.
Opp. of WNW
Opposite of WNW
Opposite of WSW
Opposite WNW
Opposite WSW
Organic suffix
Osaka-to-Tokyo dir.
Oxford-to-London dir.
Phoenix-to-Albuquerque di
Phoenix-to-Philly dir.
Pilot's heading
Pilot's heading: Abbr.
Pilothouse abbr.
Pittsburgh-to-Boston dir.
Plymouth-to-London dir.
Quito-to-Rio dir.
Reno-to-Elko dir.
Reverse of WNW
Reverse of WSW
Richmond-to-Norfolk dir.
Richmond-to-Virginia Beac
Rome-to-Athens dir.
Rome-to-Belgrade dir.
Route abbr.
San Jose-to-Fresno dir.
Santa Barbara-to-Las Vega
Saskatoon-to-Winnipeg dir
Ship's hdg.
Ship's heading
Siam suffix
Sioux Falls-to-Cedar Rapi
Sioux Falls-to-St. Paul d
Springfield-to-Boston dir
St. Louis-to-Indianapolis
Storm heading: Abbr.
Suffix on some country na
Suffix with acetyl
Suffix with benz-
Suffix with Brooklyn
Suffix with butyl
Suffix with Canton
Suffix with computer
Suffix with ethyl
Suffix with ethyl-
Suffix with Japan
Suffix with Japan or jour
Suffix with journal
Suffix with legal
Suffix with menth-
Suffix with Peking
Suffix with prop-
Suffix with propyl
Suffix with Siam
Suffix with Sudan
Suffix with telegraph
Syracuse-to-Albany dir.
Tacoma-to-Walla Walla dir
Tampa-to-Orlando dir.
Telegraph ender
Tip of a tongue?
Tip of one's tongue?
Toledo-to-Akron dir.
Tongue's end?
Toronto-to-Ottawa dir.
Trenton-to-Newark dir.
U-turn from WNW
U-turn from WSW
Vane dir.
Wind dir.
Wind direction (abbr.)
WNW's opposite
WNW's reverse
WSW's opposite
WSW's reverse
Yacht's dir.

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