Treasure - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 28/08/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Treasure.

5 letter answer(s) to treasure

  1. love intensely; "he just adored his wife"
  1. treasure of unknown ownership found hidden (usually in the earth)

7 letter answer(s) to treasure

  1. be fond of; be attached to
  2. protect and care for (someone) lovingly.

6 letter answer(s) to treasure

  1. an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him"
  2. a feeling of delighted approval and liking
  3. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded); "it is held in esteem"; "a man who has earned high regard"
  4. look on as or consider; "she looked on this affair as a joke"; "He thinks of himself as a brilliant musician"; "He is reputed to be intelligent"
  5. regard highly; think much of; "I respect his judgement"; "We prize his creativity"

3 letter answer(s) to treasure

  1. art highly prized for its beauty or perfection
  2. a precious or semiprecious stone incorporated into a piece of jewelry
  3. a sweet quick bread baked in a cup-shaped pan
  4. a person who is as brilliant and precious as a piece of jewelry
  5. a crystalline rock that can be cut and polished for jewelry; "he had the gem set in a ring for his wife"; "she had jewels made of all the rarest stones"

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