The way things are done - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue The way things are done.

8 letter answer(s) to the way things are done

  1. learn by repetition; "We drilled French verbs every day"; "Pianists practice scales"
  2. a customary way of operation or behavior; "it is their practice to give annual raises"; "they changed their dietary pattern"
  3. engage in a rehearsal (of)
  4. translating an idea into action; "a hard theory to put into practice"; "differences between theory and praxis of communism"
  5. engage in or perform; "practice safe sex"; "commit a random act of kindness"
  6. the exercise of a profession; "the practice of the law"; "I took over his practice when he retired"
  7. avail oneself to;
  8. systematic training by multiple repetitions; "practice makes perfect"
  9. carry out or practice; as of jobs and professions; "practice law"
  10. knowledge of how something is usually done; "it is not the local practice to wear shorts to dinner"

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