Sure - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sure.

  1. exercising or taking care great enough to bring assurance; "be certain to disconnect the iron when you are through"; "be sure to lock the doors"
  2. established beyond doubt or question; definitely known; "what is certain is that every effect must have a cause"; "it is certain that they were on the bus"; "his fate is certain"; "the date for the invasion is certain"
  3. having or feeling no doubt or uncertainty; confident and assured; "felt certain of success"; "was sure (or certain) she had seen it"; "was very sure in his beliefs"; "sure of her friends"
  4. certain to occur; destined or inevitable; "he was certain to fail"; "his fate is certain"; "In this life nothing is certain but death and taxes"- Benjamin Franklin; "he faced certain death"; "sudden but sure regret"; "he is sure to win"
  5. definite but not specified or identified; "set aside a certain sum each week"; "to a certain degree"; "certain breeds do not make good pets"; "certain members have not pai
  1. not easily excited or upset; "steady nerves"
  2. make steady; "steady yourself"
  3. relating to a person who does something regularly; "a regular customer"; "a steady drinker"
  4. support or hold steady and make steadfast, with or as if with a brace; "brace your elbows while working on the potter's wheel"
  5. marked by firm determination or resolution; not shakable; "firm convictions"; "a firm mouth"; "steadfast resolve"; "a man of unbendable perseverence"; "unwavering loyalty"
  6. securely in position; not shaky; "held the ladder steady"
  7. in a steady manner; "he could still walk steadily"
  8. not liable to fluctuate or especially to fall; "stocks are still firm"
  9. not subject to change or variation especially in behavior; "a steady beat"; "a steady job"; "a steady breeze"; "a steady increase"; "a good steady ballplayer"
  10. a person loved by another person
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