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Crossword Clue Last Updated: 16/12/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sub.

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"Das Boot" setting
"My bad!"
"My ___!"
"Three cheers" recipient
1960's protest
60's campus news
60's protest
A large bird consumed every second?
Achilles, e.g.
Act of civil disobedience
American substitute porter, perhaps welcoming group of three visiting
Andromache romantically embraces Hector?
Appearing every second
Audit, with "on"
Battle of the Atlantic ve
Brave one
Brave person
Cause of some arrests
Certain occupation
Certain protest (hyph.)
Certain sub
Champion cutting down murderous king
Champion in the rotunda
Change by turns every second
Concern for an Allied shi
Courageous person
Crunch-time helper
Day worker, maybe
Decorated cop, say
Deli offering
Deli order
Deli product
Deli sandwich
Depth charge target
Deputy of diminished reputation
Desk-borrowing worker
Destroyer hunter
El Cid, to Spaniards
Fill in
Fill in at the office
Firefighter, maybe
Form of protest
German diver
German sub
German submarine
German threat
Girl's getting over object of adulation
Guitar ___ (hit video gam
He deserves woman's love
Heart recipient, perhaps
Hercules or Ulysses
Horse throws popular champion
It may be measured in F.
It may give a sinking fee
Key to the city recipient
Knight in shining armor
Kriegsmarine vessel
Laugh about Phil's missus being an illustrious type
Lead killing the last pair of river birds
Leander's love
Leander's lover
Leander's lover, who committed suicide when he drowned
Life saver
Lifesaver, e.g.
Lifesaver, say
Liner threat, once
Locatin' a demonstration
Long lunch?
Long sandwich
Loooong sandwich
Lover's part in Swedish erotica
Lusitania sinker
Main threat stole lead from trader with uranium
Male lead is husband, I'm thinking, with nothing on
Male protagonist
Man of the hour
Many a sub
Maritime threat of the ea
Medal awardee, maybe
Medal of honor recipient
Medal recipient
Medal winner for bravery
Member of a W.W. II wolf
Naval convoy menace
Non-full time employee
Not a permanent employee
Note circling reptile is a threat, in the main
Novel's protagonist
Object of decoration
Occupation not much seen
Office fill-in
Office worker
Office worker just for th
Office worker with a measure of hotness?
Office worker, note, assigned to politician
One getting a decoration
One in search of a tin ca
One may win a heart
One trying to avoid charg
One who saves the day
Parade figure
Parade honoree
Parade honoree, perhaps
Part of a wolf pack
Peaceful demonstration
Peaceful protest
Peaceful protest (hyph.)
Per diem worker
Person with a medal, mayb
Personnel screen English Oscar star
Principal male character
Protest is about money
Protest of a sort
Protest, of a sort
Protester's ploy
Purple Heart recipient
Q-ship's quarry
Sandwich that requires tw
Seasonal worker, say
See 7
She's possessive with love for leading man
Ship sinker
Shipper's worry in W.W. I
Short-term employee
Short-term worker
Short-term worker, for sh
Showing unusual talent, are to take turns
Sidewalk Santa worker, e.
Sizable sandwich
Star in Fiddler on the Roof
Sub at the office
Sub that sank Allied ship
Sub with sauerkraut?
Submarine sandwich
Substitute (for)
Substitute every second
Subway fare?
Subway purchase
Superman, e.g.
Take turns
Take turns late — aren’t worried
Take turns that might lead to Etna?
Temporary replacement
The Lusitania's undoer
This star gets into bed to have cigar
Time's partner, in brief
Tin can's target
Torpedo launcher
Two-handed sandwich
University club maintaining old submarine
Uruguay originally stole Thailand’s torpedo carrier?
W.W. II Atlantic lurker
W.W. II blockade enforcer
W.W. II danger
W.W. II German sub
W.W. II menace
W.W. II predator
W.W. II sea menace
W.W. II ship sinker
W.W. II sub
W.W. II vessel
Wartime sea menace
What black and white squa
What for Beckenbauer also makes a team?
White knight
Wolf pack member
Woman's over leading actor
Work between jobs
Work for a while that doctor may take, briefly

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