Start to date? - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Start to date?.

4 letter answer(s) to start to date?

  1. place one's stake
  2. Before
  3. (poker) the initial contribution that each player makes to the pot

3 letter answer(s) to start to date?


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"___ up!" (game cry)
A chip or two to start wi
A chip, maybe
A couple of chips in the
A couple of chips, maybe
A few chips in the pot, m
A few chips, perhaps
A penny is a small one
Active volcano near Messi
Add to the pot
Advance amount
Affix with fix
Amble lead-in
Amount of money that can
Amount to be raised, mayb
Amount to be raised?
At times it's upped
Before - behind
Before: Prefix
Bet Italian smoker lapses back
Bet linesman misses header
Bet volcano is elevated
Betting stake
Blue chip, maybe
Bread on the table, maybe
Buy in
Canada's Grand ___ Nation
Chamber lead-in
Chip for a pot
Chip in
Chip in chips
Chip on the table, maybe
Chip or two, maybe
Chip without dip?
Chips in the pot
Columbian starter
Contribution before the d
Contribution to a pot
Cost of cards
Cough up
Cousin of ante-
Cursor attachment?
Deal preceder
Dealer's demand
Each player's initial contribution to the pot
Fab leader?
Feed the kitty
Fork over, with "up"
Gambler's stake
Game intro?
Gaming stake
Gaming table fee
Get in on a deal
Get the pot going
Grand ___ ("Evangeline" s
Grand ___ (Annapolis Vall
Grand ___ National Histor
Grand ___, Nova Scotia
Grand ___, setting for "E
Hand demand?
Handful of chips, maybe
Help make a pot
Historic beginning
Historic beginning?
Historic introduction?
Historic lead-in
Historic leader?
Historic start?
Historic starter
Hothead raised the stake
Indication of serious int
Individual share
Initial bet
Initial contribution to the common pot
Initial offering?
Initial poker stake
Initial stake
Initial wager
It comes before adolescen
It goes in the center of
It goes in the middle of
It goes to pot
It may be raised at a tab
It may be upped
It might get your kitty g
It's a start
It's a starter
It's for openers
It's just for openers
Kick in, say
Kitty feed
Kitty starter
Lead-in to calculus
Lead-in to law or med
Lead-in to nuptial
Lead-in to wash
Minimum poker loss
Money to play with
Morning's start, in old R
Neat moves, to run browser
Not post-
Nuptial or natal starter
Nuptial starter
Opening amount
Opening bet
Opening bit
Opening stake
Opening wager
Opposite of post-
Paid intro?
Part of a pot
Part of A.M.
Pay (up)
Pay for a hand
Pay one's share, with "up
Pay to play
Payment at a table
Penny ___
Penny, maybe, in poker
Penny, perhaps
Penny, sometimes
Penny-___ (trivial)
Perhaps Queen Elizabeth’s initial stake
Play money?
Play opener
Poet's lost face, having wagered money
Poker bet
Poker fee
Poker opener
Poker payment
Poker player's payment
Poker player's stake
Poker pot primer
Poker pot starter
Poker stake
Poker starter
Poker term
Poker word
Pony up
Possessed leader?
Post's opposite
Post- opposite
Pot builder
Pot builder?
Pot component
Pot foundation
Pot grower?
Pot starter
Prefix with arrange
Prefix with chamber
Prefix with Columbian
Prefix with date
Prefix with nuptial
Prefix with owned or occu
Prefix with room
Prefix with school
Prefix with schooler
Prefix with washed
Prelude to a deal
Prepay, with "up"
Price of a hand
Prime the pot
Put down some chips
Put in the pot
Put in to get in
Put one's two cents in?
Put up
Put up stakes
Relative of ante-
Requirement for a hand, s
Requirement for some game
Season opener
Season opener?
Show that one's in?
Some chips, maybe
Something that's just for
Stake — not post
Stake poked into malignant effigy
Stake required, unlimited
Start a hand, maybe
Start a pot
Start a pot going
Start for a kitty
Start the kitty
Start the pot
Start to date
Start to fix?
Start to mature
Start to production?
Start with school
Starting bet
Starting stake
Startup cost
Stud fee?
Stud money
Stud stake
Table center piece?
Table payment
Table stake
Teen leader?
The "a" in a.m.
Throw in a few chips, say
Toss in a chip
Upfront amount
Upfront money
What you may do to get a
What's required to be "in
White chip, often
With this, for open all hours?
Writer leaving diamonds as down payment
You have to be upfront ab
___ meridiem
___ meridiem (morning: La
___-1900 (old)

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