Sound again - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sound again.

  1. with or in a close or intimate relationship;
  2. "
  3. with skill or in a pleasing manner; "she dances well"; "he writes well"
  4. thorough;
  5. having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude;
  6. with prudence or propriety; "You would do well to say nothing more"; "could not well refuse"
  7. something superior in quality or condition or effect; "a change for the better"
  8. comparative of `well'; in a better or more excellent manner or more advantageously or attractively or to a greater degree etc.; "She had never sung better"; "a deed better left undone"; "better suited to the job"
  9. generally admired;
  10. financially sound;
  11. with great or especially intimate knowledge; "we knew them well"
  12. the superior one of two alternatives; "chose the better of the two"
  13. from a position of superiority or authority; "father knows best"; "I know better."
  14. exerting force or influence;
  15. George - Belfast-

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