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Crossword Clue Last Updated: 16/01/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Significant.

12 letter answer(s) to significant

  1. large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree; "a considerable quantity"; "the economy was a considerable issue in the campaign"; "went to considerable trouble for us"; "spent a considerable amount of time on the problem"

3 letter answer(s) to significant

  1. a coral reef off the southern coast of Florida
  2. United States lawyer and poet who wrote a poem after witnessing the British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812; the poem was later set to music and entitled `The Star-Spangled Banner' (1779-1843)
  3. a winged often one-seed indehiscent fruit as of the ash or elm or maple
  4. a kilogram of a narcotic drug; "they were carrying two keys of heroin"
  5. metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated
  6. a lever (as in a keyboard) that actuates a mechanism when depressed
  7. the central building block at the top of an arch or vault
  8. mechanical device used to wind another device that is driven by a spring (as a clock)
  9. harmonize with or adjust to; "key one's actions to the voters' prevailing attitude"
  10. pitch of the voice; "he spoke in a low key"
  11. regulate the musical pitch of
  12. somet

7 letter answer(s) to significant

  1. a celebrity who is an inspiration to others; "he was host to a large gathering of luminaries"
  2. widely known and esteemed; "a famous actor"; "a celebrated musician"; "a famed scientist"; "an illustrious judge"; "a notable historian"; "a renowned painter"
  3. worthy of notice; "a noteworthy advance in cancer research"
  1. discern or comprehend; "He could tell that she was unhappy"
  2. give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority; "I said to him to go home"; "She ordered him to do the shopping"; "The mother told the child to get dressed"
  3. let something be known; "Tell them that you will be late"
  4. producing a strong effect; "gave an impressive performance as Othello"; "a telling gesture"
  5. disclosing unintentionally; "a telling smile"; "a telltale panel of lights"; "a telltale patch of oil on the water marked where the boat went down"
  6. narrate or give a detailed account of; "Tell what happened"; "The father told a story to his child"
  7. powerfully persuasive; "a cogent argument"; "a telling presentation"; "a weighty argument"
  8. give evidence; "he was telling on all his former colleague"
  9. Verb - Counting, particularly votes.
  10. express in words; "He said that he wanted to marry her"; "tell me what is bothering y

13 letter answer(s) to significant


6 letter answer(s) to significant


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