Showy flower - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 07/10/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Showy flower.

7 letter answer(s) to showy flower

  1. marine polyps that resemble flowers but have oral rings of tentacles; differ from corals in forming no hard skeleton
  2. any woodland plant of the genus Anemone grown for its beautiful flowers and whorls of dissected leaves

5 letter answer(s) to showy flower

  1. star-shaped structure formed in the cytoplasm of a cell having fibers like rays that surround the centrosome during mitosis
  2. any of various chiefly fall-blooming herbs of the genus Aster with showy daisylike flowers
  1. water arum
  2. South African plant widely cultivated for its showy pure white spathe and yellow spadix
  1. any of numerous plants widely cultivated for their showy single or double red or pink or white flowers

6 letter answer(s) to showy flower

  1. any of numerous ornamental shrubs grown for their showy flowers of various colors

13 letter answer(s) to showy flower

  1. any of numerous perennial Old World herbs having showy brightly colored flower heads of the genera Chrysanthemum, Argyranthemum, Dendranthema, Tanacetum; widely cultivated
  2. the flower of a chrysanthemum plant

4 letter answer(s) to showy flower

  1. diaphragm consisting of thin overlapping plates that can be adjusted to change the diameter of a central opening
  2. muscular diaphragm that controls the size of the pupil which in turn controls the amount of light that enters the eye; it forms the colored portion of the eye
  3. plants with sword-shaped leaves and erect stalks bearing bright-colored flowers composed of three petals and three drooping sepals
  1. any liliaceous plant of the genus Lilium having showy pendulous flowers

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