Short - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 25/05/2019

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Short.

6 letter answer(s) to short

  1. surprisingly and unceremoniously brusque in manner; "an abrupt reply"
  2. exceedingly sudden and unexpected; "came to an abrupt stop"; "an abrupt change in the weather"
  3. extremely steep; "an abrupt canyon"; "the precipitous rapids of the upper river"; "the precipitous hills of Chinese paintings"; "a sharp drop"
  4. marked by sudden changes in subject and sharp transitions; "abrupt prose"
  5. curt

5 letter answer(s) to short

  1. concise and succinct; "covered the matter in a brief statement"
  2. (of clothing) very short; "an abbreviated swimsuit"; "a brief bikini"
  3. of short duration or distance; "a brief stay in the country"
  4. give essential information to someone; "The reporters were briefed about the President's plan to invade"
  5. a condensed written summary or abstract
  6. a document stating the facts and points of law of a client's case
  1. brief and to the point; effectively cut short;

7 letter answer(s) to short

  1. marked by rude or peremptory shortness;

4 letter answer(s) to short

  1. brief and to the point; effectively cut short;
  2. marked by rude or peremptory shortness;

3 letter answer(s) to short

  1. a quick throw; "he gave the ball a shy to the first baseman"
  2. throw quickly
  3. start suddenly, as from fright
  4. wary and distrustful; disposed to avoid persons or things; "shy of strangers"
  5. lacking self-confidence; "stood in the doorway diffident and abashed"; "problems that call for bold not timid responses"; "a very unsure young man"
  6. short; "eleven is one shy of a dozen"

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