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Crossword Clue Last Updated: 11/10/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sense.

4 letter answer(s) to sense

  1. examine by touch; "Feel this soft cloth!"; "The customer fingered the sweater"
  2. pass one's hands over the sexual organs of; "He felt the girl in the movie theater"
  3. manual stimulation of the genital area for sexual pleasure; "the girls hated it when he tried to sneak a feel"
  4. examine (a body part) by palpation; "The nurse palpated the patient's stomach"; "The runner felt her pulse"
  5. a property perceived by touch
  6. undergo an emotional sensation or be in a particular state of mind; "She felt resentful"; "He felt regret"
  7. an intuitive awareness; "he has a feel for animals" or "it's easy when you get the feel of it";
  8. perceive by a physical sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles; "He felt the wind"; "She felt an object brushing her arm"; "He felt his flesh crawl"; "She felt the heat when she got out of the car"
  9. the general atmosphere of a place or situation and the effect that it has on people; "the feel of

10 letter answer(s) to sense


7 letter answer(s) to sense

  1. (law) a proceeding (usually by a court) where evidence is taken for the purpose of determining an issue of fact and reaching a decision based on that evidence
  2. the ability to hear; the auditory faculty; "his hearing was impaired"
  3. a session (of a committee or grand jury) in which witnesses are called and testimony is taken; "the investigative committee will hold hearings in Chicago"
  4. the range within which a voice can be heard; "the children were told to stay within earshot"
  5. an opportunity to state your case and be heard; "they condemned him without a hearing"; "he saw that he had lost his audience"
  6. able to perceive sound
  7. get to know or become aware of, usually accidentally; "I learned that she has two grown-up children"; "I see that you have been promoted"
  8. receive a communication from someone; "We heard nothing from our son for five years"
  9. perceive (sound) via the auditory sense
  10. listen and pay atten

6 letter answer(s) to sense

  1. know or grasp by intuition or feeling

5 letter answer(s) to sense

  1. (often followed by `of') a large number or amount or extent; "a batch of letters"; "a deal of trouble"; "a lot of money"; "he made a mint on the stock market"; "see the rest of the winners in our huge passel of photos"; "it must have cost plenty"; "a slew of journalists"; "a wad of money"
  2. catch sight of; to perceive with the eyes; "he caught sight of the king's men coming over the ridge"
  3. take aim by looking through the sights of a gun (or other device)
  4. the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited"
  5. the range of vision; "out of sight of land"
  6. the ability to see; the visual faculty
  7. an instance of visual perception; "the sight of his wife brought him back to reality"; "the train was an unexpected sight"
  8. a range of mental vision; "in his sight she could do no wrong"
  9. anything that is seen; "he was a familiar sight on the television";

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