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  1. an early name of Ireland that is now used in poetry
  1. (Abbreviation for) extra-vehicular activity (by astronauts eg moon-walking)
  1. Ferrari is an Italian sports car manufacturer based in Maranello, Italy.
  1. short cape worn by women
  2. a woman's silk or lace scarf
  1. This the first word (Spanish) of the dance Paso Doble
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Acapulco acceptance
Acapulco approval
Actress Bartok
Actress Gray
Actress Le Gallienne
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Actress Mendes of "Hitch"
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Actress ___ Marie Saint
Actress/model Mendes
Adjective often following
Adjective sometimes used
Adolf's companion volume, carried by each supporter, in need of substantial organisation
Anita Baker's "Same ___ L
Answer to a se
Appreciative response to
Arena cheer
Arena cry
Arena shout
Assent in Acapulco
Astronaut's outing: Abbr.
Aye-aye relative?
Baja cheer
Beloved subject of Thomas
Big cheer
Bilingual woman, maybe
Bond girl player Green
Braun or Per
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Celtic land
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Cheer at the end of a dan
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Cheer for a matador
Cheer for a toreador
Cheer for El Cordob
Cheer for Escamillo
Cheer in Ju
Cheer to a matador
Chilean cheer
Comedian Olsen
Comedic Olsen
Concern about Rolls and one different car
Corrida cheer
Corrida cry
Cousin of "Rah!"
Crowd's shout
Cry heard in a bullring
Cry of approval
Cry that goes up in Barcelona?
Eagle shortly crossing island, a poetic land
Early 60's singer Little
El Atl
El ___
El ___, Tex.
Emphatic aprobaci
Emphatic assent
Encouragement at the bull
Encouragement for a matad
Encouragement for Escamil
Encouraging word
Ending on a ni
Ending with Juan
Enthusiastic cry
Enthusiastic reply in Mex
ESPN reporter Andrews
Fellow on farm given a scarf
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Formula One automaker
Fr. miss
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Hooray for Jos
Hooray, in Ju
Hoped-for reply in "Spani
Hurrah for El Farruco
Hurray for Jos
Import with a "cavallino
Ireland, in poesy
Ireland, poetically
Irish girl's name
Irish name
Isle of poetry
It may be heard after a c
It may be heard before ch
It may follow a charge
Its logo is a rearing hor
James Whitcomb Riley's "_
John-Boy Walton's sister
Joyce's homeland
Joyce's land
Juan follower?
Juan's emphatic assent
Julia's Oscar-winning rol
L. Ron Hubbard's "___ Doc
Lady from south of the bo
Land o' blarney
Land o' leprechauns
Land o' the Irish
Land of elves
Land of fairies
Land of Killarney
Land of leprechauns
Land of literature
Land of O'Kelly and O'Kee
Land of poetry
Land of sentimental verse
Land of the leprechauns
Land of Tralee
Land that's saluted in th
Leprechaun land
Leprechaun's land
Leprechauns' land
Little ___, 60's singer
Little ___, who did the L
Little ___, who sang "The
Longoria of "Desperate Ho
Madrid cheer
Make of sportscar
Make ___ habit
Many a novela watcher
March 17 slogan word
Maserati competitor
Matador's cheer
Mendes of "2 Fast 2 Furio
Mendes of "Hitch"
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Mexican accord?
Mexican's assent
Model Herzigova
Monterrey hooray
Monterrey miss, e.g.
Moran of "Happy Days"
Motivation for Manolete
Motivator for Manolete
Name for a colleen
Name for an Irish lass
Neighbor of Albion
Neighbor of Britannia
No-no's opposite?
Norwegian violinist ___ B
Object of March celebrati
Odd characters leaving Georgian poet's country
Old El ___ (food brand)
Olsen of "Hellzapoppin"
One of the Gabor sisters
One of the Gabors
One of the Waltons
Operatic heroine wooed by
Opposite of "no no"
Opposite of "No, no"
Oscar-winning role for Ju
Outboard motor inventor E
Overseas "-ess"
Oxford's ___ Miss
Pamplona cry
Part of a Mexican-America
Part of a World Cup chant
Part of una salsa
Part of UTEP
Paul Bunyan's blacksmith
Pennsylvania's ___ Bull S
Place name before and aft
Poetic country name
Poetic land
Popular Per
Port ___ (Isle of Man res
Port ___, seaside resort
Relative of "Hurrah!"
Repeated cry in Buster Po
Reply to a se
Rice and Lloyd Webber's "
Ring "Rah!"
Ring cheer
Ring cry
Ring encouragement
Ring shout
Ring support?
Ringside cheer
Ringside shout
Roar for a toreador
Roar of a crowd
Roar of approval
Roar of the crowd
Root word?
Rousing cheer
Rousing cry at a ring
Sade's "Is ___ Crime"
Salma Hayek, for one
Secretary on "The Office"
Shamrock land
She may live in a barrio
Shout after a bull charge
Shout of support
Shout to someone in dange
Sister of Zsa Zsa
Sister on "The Waltons"
Snakeless isle
Soccer cheer
Soccer spectator's shout
Soccer stadium shout
Sons of ___ (group promot
Soprano Marton
South-of-the-border shout
Space station assignment,
Spacewalk, for NASA
Spacewalk, for short
Spacewalk, to NASA
Spanish "ayes"
Spanish ayes
Spanish cheer
Spanish diminutive suffix
Spanish female suffix
Spanish headdress
Spanish name suffix
Spanish root word?
Spanish scarf
Spanish victory cry
Speak in Spain
Speak in Spanish
Sportscaster Andrews
St. Paddy's land
St. Patrick's home
St. Patrick's land
Stadium cheer
Stadium support?
Step, in Seville
Stowe girl
Stowe heroine
Stowe slave
Subject of some Thomas Mo
Suffix with se
Suffix with senor
Tauromachian chant
The Auld Sod
The Emerald Isle
The Emerald Isle, in poetry
The Isle of Man's Port __
The Old Sod
Thomas Moore's homeland
Thomas Moore's land
Thomas Nelson Page's "In
Tijuana yell
Toledo cheer
Topsy's playmate
Triumphant shout
TV's Longoria
Two-syllable shout
Vaudevillian Olsen
Wagner heroine
Wagner soprano
Welcome return for a girl
Woman from East Virginia
Woman from Nevada
Word before Miss or Opry
Word of encouragement
World Cup chant
World Cup cheer
World Cup cry
Yeats's isle
Yeats's land
Yeats's land, poetically
Zsa Zsa
Zsa Zsa's sister
___ Air (carrier to Taiwa
___ Anderson, Hemingway c
___ Brockovich, Julia Rob
___ Brockovich, Oscar rol
___ Christiansen, founder
___ doble (Latin dance)
___ doble (Spanish dance)
___ doble (Spanish march
___ doble (two-step dance
___ go bragh
___ Miss
___ Per
___ Robles, Calif.

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