Sail support - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 05/12/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Sail support.

4 letter answer(s) to sail support

  1. a vertical spar for supporting sails
  2. any sturdy upright pole
  3. nuts of forest trees used as feed for swine
  4. nuts of forest trees (as beechnuts and acorns) accumulated on the ground
  5. MAST - Type of white blood cells well known for their role in allergic and anaphylactic reactions and allergies
  1. any of various nonmetallic minerals (calcite or feldspar) that are light in color and transparent or translucent and cleavable
  2. fight verbally; "They were sparring all night"
  3. box lightly
  4. fight with spurs; "the gamecocks were sparring"
  5. furnish with spars
  6. making the motions of attack and defense with the fists and arms; a part of training for a boxer
  7. a stout rounded pole of wood or metal used to support rigging
  1. an area having a network of railway tracks and sidings for storage and maintenance of cars and engines
  2. a tract of land enclosed for particular activities (sometimes paved and usually associated with buildings); "they opened a repair yard on the edge of town"
  3. a tract of land where logs are accumulated
  4. a unit of volume (as for sand or gravel)
  5. a unit of length equal to 3 feet; defined as 91.44 centimeters; originally taken to be the average length of a stride
  6. an enclosure for animals (as chicken or livestock)
  7. a long horizontal spar tapered at the end and used to support and spread a square sail or lateen
  8. the enclosed land around a house or other building; "it was a small house with almost no yard"

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