Picker-upper - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Picker-upper.

5 letter answer(s) to picker-upper

  1. a sharp hooked claw especially on a bird of prey
  2. The shoulder on the bolt of a lock against which the key presses in sliding the bolt.
  3. Undealt cards
  1. a medicine that strengthens and invigorates
  2. (music) the first note of a diatonic scale
  3. a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring; "in New England they call sodas tonics"
  4. lime- or lemon-flavored carbonated water containing quinine
  5. imparting vitality and energy; "the bracing mountain air"
  6. used of syllables; "a tonic syllables carries the main stress in a word"
  7. relating to or being the keynote of a major or minor scale; "tonic harmony"
  8. employing variations in pitch to distinguish meanings of otherwise similar words; "Chinese is a tonal language"
  9. of or relating to or producing normal tone or tonus in muscles or tissue; "a tonic reflex"; "tonic muscle contraction"
  10. Pick me up

4 letter answer(s) to picker-upper

  1. a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money
  2. travel slowly; "The plane taxied down the runway"
  3. ride in a taxicab

3 letter answer(s) to picker-upper

  1. a light midafternoon meal of tea and sandwiches or cakes; "an Englishman would interrupt a war to have his afternoon tea"
  2. dried leaves of the tea shrub; used to make tea; "the store shelves held many different kinds of tea"; "they threw the tea into Boston harbor"
  3. a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water; "iced tea is a cooling drink"
  4. a reception or party at which tea is served; "we met at the Dean's tea for newcomers"
  5. a tropical evergreen shrub or small tree extensively cultivated in e.g. China and Japan and India; source of tea leaves; "tea has fragrant white flowers"

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One with a checkered past
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Oolong, e.g.
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Osprey's claw
Parlor drink
Part of a baby bottle
Pekoe, e.g.
Perhaps capital gains international transport
Pick-me-up is extremely pleasant but never finished
Plantation product
Pot plant?
Prepare for takeoff
Prepare to fly
Prepare to take off former volunteers on team
Prepare to take off in cab
Product once harbored in
Provider of a pick-me-up?
Quaint get-together
Rainy day rarity
Reading out letter, Earl Grey, say?
Real eye-opener
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Social event
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Soda pop, to some
Some like it hot
Sri Lanka export
Steeped beverage
Steeped brew
Stock that's a pound in weight
Subway alternative
Team follows reserves by car
Tetley product
The first duty could be to run along the ground
This is popular in spots
Travel across a tarmac
Travel before takeoff
Tree as regularly picked
Twinings product
Uber turning up at 11
Under strain, I move slowly on landing
VAT, perhaps, with one hire car
Vehicle for hire
Vehicle I put on charge
Vehicle initially transporting a football team, perhaps
Vehicle returned at eleven
Vehicle that carries regular team and another
Vehicle that's hailed
Vehicle with a medallion
Vodka ___
Volunteers on Times newspaper prepare for take-off?
Vulture's claw
Waiter at a hotel
Way around town
What planes do after land
What some balls are fille
What the Hatter and the M
What the Mad Hatter pours
What's brewing, perhaps
When picked up, character leaves
Wonderland drink
Word with black or green
Word with caddy or bag
___ Driver, 1976 Scorsese film
___ Party movement

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