Peruse - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 14/09/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Peruse.

6 letter answer(s) to peruse

  1. look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular; "browse a computer directory"; "surf the internet or the world wide web"
  2. feed as in a meadow or pasture; "the herd was grazing"
  3. shop around; not necessarily buying; "I don't need help, I'm just browsing"
  4. the act of feeding by continual nibbling
  5. reading superficially or at random
  6. vegetation (such as young shoots, twigs, and leaves) that is suitable for animals to eat; "a deer needs to eat twenty pounds of browse every day"
  7. eat lightly, try different dishes; "There was so much food at the party that we quickly got sated just by browsing"

4 letter answer(s) to peruse

  1. obtain data from magnetic tapes; "This dictionary can be read by the computer"
  2. indicate a certain reading; of gauges and instruments; "The thermometer showed thirteen degrees below zero"; "The gauge read `empty'"
  3. audition for a stage role by reading parts of a role; "He is auditioning for `Julius Caesar' at Stratford this year"
  4. have or contain a certain wording or form; "The passage reads as follows"; "What does the law say?"
  5. make sense of a language;
  6. be a student of a certain subject; "She is reading for the bar exam"
  7. to hear and understand; "I read you loud and clear!"
  8. interpret something in a certain way; convey a particular meaning or impression; "I read this address as a satire"; "How should I take this message?"; "You can't take credit for this!"
  9. interpret something that is written or printed; "read the advertisement"; "Have you read Salman Rushdie?"
  10. look at, interpret, and say out loud somet
  1. conform to a metrical pattern
  2. the act of scanning; systematic examination of a prescribed region; "he made a thorough scan of the beach with his binoculars"
  3. an image produced by scanning; "he analyzed the brain scan"; "you could see the tumor in the CAT scan"
  4. obtain data from magnetic tapes; "This dictionary can be read by the computer"
  5. read metrically; "scan verses"
  6. make a wide, sweeping search of; "The beams scanned the night sky"
  7. move a light beam over; in electronics, to reproduce an image
  8. examine hastily; "She scanned the newspaper headlines while waiting for the taxi"
  9. examine minutely or intensely; "the surgeon scanned the X-ray"

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