On the way out - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue On the way out.

5 letter answer(s) to on the way out

  1. lose sparkle or bouquet; "wine and beer can pall"
  2. to be on base at the end of an inning, of a player
  3. the time when something ends; "it was the death of all his plans"; "a dying of old hopes"
  4. cut or shape with a die; "Die out leather for belts"
  5. be brought to or as if to the point of death by an intense emotion such as embarrassment, amusement, or shame; "I was dying with embarrassment when my little lie was discovered"; "We almost died laughing during the show"
  6. in or associated with the process of passing from life or ceasing to be; "a dying man"; "his dying wish"; "a dying fire"; "a dying civilization"
  7. languish as with love or desire; "She dying for a cigarette"; "I was dying to leave"
  8. eagerly desirous; "anxious to see the new show at the museum"; "dying to hear who won"
  9. feel indifferent towards; "She died to worldly things and eventually entered a monastery"
  10. suffer or face the pain of de
  1. move away from a place into another direction; "Go away before I start to cry"; "The train departs at noon"
  2. be in the right place or situation; "Where do these books belong?"; "Let's put health care where it belongs--under the control of the government"; "Where do these books go?"
  3. begin or set in motion; "I start at eight in the morning"; "Ready, set, go!"
  4. make a certain noise or sound; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"
  5. enter or assume a certain state or condition; "He became annoyed when he heard the bad news"; "It must be getting more serious"; "her face went red with anger"; "She went into ecstasy"; "Get going!"
  6. follow a procedure or take a course; "We should go farther in this matter"; "She went through a lot of trouble"; "go about the world in a certain manner"; "Messages must go through diplomatic channels"
  7. follow a certain course; "The inauguration went well"; "how did your interview go?"
  8. in full opera

8 letter answer(s) to on the way out

  1. coming into existence; "an emergent republic"
  2. occurring unexpectedly and requiring urgent action; "emergent repair of an aorta"

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