Negligent - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 12/02/2024

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Negligent.

8 letter answer(s) to negligent

  1. (usually followed by `of') without due thought or consideration; "careless of the consequences"; "crushing the blooms with regardless tread"
  2. effortless and unstudied; "an impression of careless elegance"; "danced with careless grace"
  3. marked by lack of attention or consideration or forethought or thoroughness; not careful; "careless about her clothes"; "forgotten by some careless person"; "a careless housekeeper"; "careless proofreading"; "it was a careless mistake"; "hurt by a careless remark"

3 letter answer(s) to negligent

  1. emptying easily or excessively; "loose bowels"
  2. lacking in rigor or strictness; "such lax and slipshod ways are no longer acceptable"; "lax in attending classes"; "slack in maintaining discipline"
  3. lacking in strength or firmness or resilience; "a lax rope"; "a limp handshake"
  4. pronounced with muscles of the tongue and jaw relatively relaxed (e.g., the vowel sound in `bet')

6 letter answer(s) to negligent

  1. failing in what duty requires;
  2. Negligent

5 letter answer(s) to negligent

  1. a cord or rope or cable that is hanging loosely; "he took up the slack"
  2. a noticeable deterioration in performance or quality; "the team went into a slump"; "a gradual slack in output"; "a drop-off in attendance"; "a falloff in quality"
  3. a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot
  4. a stretch of water without current or movement; "suddenly they were in a slack and the water was motionless"
  5. avoid responsibilities and work, be idle
  6. be inattentive to, or neglect; "He slacks his attention"
  7. become less in amount or intensity; "The storm abated"; "The rain let up after a few hours"
  8. become slow or slower; "Production slowed"
  9. cause to heat and crumble by treatment with water; "slack lime"
  10. dust consisting of a mixture of small coal fragments and coal dust and dirt that sifts out when coal is passed over a sieve
  11. flowing with little speed as e.g. at the turning of the tide; "slack water"

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