It's the law - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue It's the law.

3 letter answer(s) to it's the law

  1. a subdivision of a play or opera or ballet
  2. be suitable for theatrical performance; "This scene acts well"
  3. a manifestation of insincerity; "he put on quite an act for her benefit"
  4. Formal decisions, laws, or the like, by a legislature, ruler, court, or other authority; decrees or edicts; statutes; judgments, resolves, or awards: an act of Governments.
  5. behave in a certain manner; show a certain behavior; conduct or comport oneself; "You should act like an adult"; "Don't behave like a fool"; "What makes her do this way?"; "The dog acts ferocious, but he is really afraid of people"
  6. pretend to have certain qualities or state of mind; "He acted the idiot"; "She plays deaf when the news are bad"
  7. discharge one's duties; "She acts as the chair"; "In what capacity are you acting?"
  8. play a role or part; "Gielgud played Hamlet"; "She wants to act Lady Macbeth, but she is too young for the role"; "She played the servant to her husban

6 letter answer(s) to it's the law

  1. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge); "a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"
  2. decide with authority; "The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed"
  3. issue a decree; "The King only can decree"

5 letter answer(s) to it's the law

  1. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge); "a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"
  2. a formal or authoritative proclamation
  3. Decree
  1. the first of three divisions of the Hebrew Scriptures comprising the first five books of the Hebrew Bible considered as a unit
  2. the whole body of the Jewish sacred writings and tradition including the oral tradition
  3. (Judaism) the scroll of parchment on which the first five books of the Hebrew Scripture is written; is used in a synagogue during services

4 letter answer(s) to it's the law

  1. a legally binding command or decision entered on the court record (as if issued by a court or judge); "a friend in New Mexico said that the order caused no trouble out there"

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