Intend; average - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Intend; average.

  1. of no value or worth; "I was caught in the bastardly traffic"
  2. (used of sums of money) so small in amount as to deserve contempt
  3. (used of persons or behavior) characterized by or indicative of lack of generosity; "a mean person"; "he left a miserly tip"
  4. an average of n numbers computed by adding some function of the numbers and dividing by some function of n
  5. have in mind as a purpose; "I mean no harm"; "I only meant to help you"; "She didn't think to harm me"; "We thought to return early that night"
  6. characterized by malice; "a hateful thing to do"; "in a mean mood"
  7. destine or designate for a certain purpose; "These flowers were meant for you"
  8. having or showing an ignoble lack of honor or morality;
  9. intend to refer to; "I'm thinking of good food when I talk about France"; "Yes, I meant you when I complained about people who gossip!"
  10. approximating the statistical norm or average or expected value; "the

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