Go quickly - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 23/03/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Go quickly.

4 letter answer(s) to go quickly

  1. run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"
  2. destroy or break; "dashed ambitions and hopes"
  3. a quick run
  4. the act of moving with great haste; "he made a dash for the door"
  5. distinctive and stylish elegance; "he wooed her with the confident dash of a cavalry officer"
  6. the longer of the two telegraphic signals used in Morse code
  7. a punctuation mark (-) used between parts of a compound word or between the syllables of a word when the word is divided at the end of a line of text
  8. a footrace run at top speed; "he is preparing for the 100-yard dash"
  9. add an enlivening or altering element to; "blue paint dashed with white"
  10. break into pieces, as by striking or knocking over; "Smash a plate"
  11. hurl or thrust violently; "He dashed the plate against the wall"; "Waves were dashing against the rock"
  12. cause to lose courage; "dashed by the refusal"
  1. an occasion for excessive eating or drinking; "they went on a bust that lasted three days"
  2. a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands; "his story brought tears to her eyes"
  3. an opening made forcibly as by pulling apart; "there was a rip in his pants"; "she had snags in her stockings"
  4. fill with tears or shed tears; "Her eyes were tearing"
  5. strip of feathers; "pull a chicken"; "pluck the capon"
  6. to separate or be separated by force; "planks were in danger of being torn from the crossbars"
  7. separate or cause to separate abruptly; "The rope snapped"; "tear the paper"
  8. move quickly and violently; "The car tore down the street"; "He came charging into my office"
  9. the act of tearing; "he took the manuscript in both hands and gave it a mighty tear"

3 letter answer(s) to go quickly

  1. move fast; "He rushed down the hall to receive his guests"; "The cars raced down the street"

5 letter answer(s) to go quickly

  1. run or move very quickly or hastily; "She dashed into the yard"

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