Genesis event, with "the" - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Genesis event, with "the".

4 letter answer(s) to genesis event, with "the"

  1. a lapse into sin; a loss of innocence or of chastity; "a fall from virtue"
  2. go as if by falling; "Grief fell from our hearts"
  3. come into the possession of; "The house accrued to the oldest son"
  4. a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity; "a drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index"; "there was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery"; "a dip in prices"; "when that became known the price of their stock went into free fall"
  5. occur at a specified time or place; "Christmas falls on a Monday this year"; "The accent falls on the first syllable"
  6. be captured; "The cities fell to the enemy"
  7. a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity; "it was a miracle that he survived the drop from that height"
  8. begin vigorously; "The prisoners fell to work right away"
  9. to be given by assignment or distribution; "The most difficult task fell on the youngest member of the team"; "The onus fell on us"; "The pressure to succeed fell

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