Formed into a whole - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Formed into a whole.

  1. not segregated; designated as available to all races or groups; "integrated schools"
  2. make into a whole or make part of a whole; "She incorporated his suggestions into her proposal"
  3. formed into a whole or introduced into another entity; "a more closely integrated economic and political system"- Dwight D.Eisenhower; "an integrated Europe"
  4. become one; become integrated; "The students at this school integrate immediately, despite their different backgrounds"
  5. resembling a living organism in organization or development; "society as an integrated whole"
  6. calculate the integral of; calculate by integration
  7. formed or united into a whole
  8. open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups; "This school is completely desegregated"
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