Foam - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 18/11/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Foam.

5 letter answer(s) to foam

  1. a mass of small bubbles formed in or on a liquid; "the beer had a thick head of foam"
  2. exude or expel foam; "the angry man was frothing at the mouth"
  3. make froth or foam and become bubbly; "The river foamed"
  4. become bubbly or frothy or foaming; "The boiling soup was frothing"; "The river was foaming"; "Sparkling water"
  1. make froth or foam and become bubbly; "The river foamed"
  2. foam or froth on the sea

4 letter answer(s) to foam

  1. be in the front of or on top of; "The list was headed by the name of the president"
  2. (computer science) a tiny electromagnetic coil and metal pole used to write and read magnetic patterns on a disk
  3. a rounded compact mass; "the head of a comet"
  4. be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel; "This student heads the class"
  5. that part of a skeletal muscle that is away from the bone that it moves
  6. a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea)
  7. take its rise; "These rivers head from a mountain range in the Himalayas"
  8. the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains;
  9. a user of (usually soft) drugs; "the office was full of secret heads"
  10. the rounded end of a bone that fits into a rounded cavity in another bone to form a joint; "the head of the humerus"
  11. a person who is in charge;
  12. that which is responsible fo
  1. make froth or foam and become bubbly; "The river foamed"
  2. wash in suds
  3. a dysphemism for beer (especially for lager that effervesces)
  4. the froth produced by soaps or detergents

6 letter answer(s) to foam

  1. the foam resulting from excessive sweating (as on a horse)
  2. exude sweat or lather; "this unfit horse lathers easily"
  3. the froth produced by soaps or detergents
  4. form a lather; "The shaving cream lathered"
  5. a workman who puts up laths
  6. beat severely with a whip or rod; "The teacher often flogged the students"; "The children were severely trounced"
  7. agitation resulting from active worry; "don't get in a stew"; "he's in a sweat about exams"
  8. rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning

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