Financial institution - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 14/01/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Financial institution.

  1. a building in which the business of banking transacted; "the bank is on the corner of Nassau and Witherspoon"
  2. cover with ashes so to control the rate of burning; "bank a fire"
  3. a container (usually with a slot in the top) for keeping money at home; "the coin bank was empty"
  4. enclose with a bank; "bank roads"
  5. a financial institution that accepts deposits and channels the money into lending activities; "he cashed a check at the bank"; "that bank holds the mortgage on my home"
  6. tip laterally; "the pilot had to bank the aircraft"
  7. an arrangement of similar objects in a row or in tiers; "he operated a bank of switches"
  8. put into a bank account; "She deposits her paycheck every month"
  9. a long ridge or pile; "a huge bank of earth"
  10. be in the banking business
  11. sloping land (especially the slope beside a body of water); "they pulled the canoe up on the bank"; "he sat on the bank of the river and watched
  1. An East Indian timber tree (Shorea robusta), much used for building purposes. It is of a light brown color, close-grained, heavy, and durable.

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