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  1. a farewell remark; "they said their good-byes"
  1. a primeval Egyptian personification of air and breath; worshipped especially at Thebes
  2. so be it (said at end of hymn or prayer)
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"Ain't it the truth!"
"Ain't that the truth!"
"Bye-bye, mon ami"
"Couldn't have said it be
"Exactly right!"
"Farewell, Fran
"Goodbye, Luc!"
"I agree completely!"
"I agree!"
"I couldn't agree with yo
"I second that!"
"If you ___" (words of de
"Right on!"
"Right on, brother!"
"So be it"
"So long!"
"So long, mon ami"
"So long, Pierre!"
"So true!"
"That's how I see it, too
"That's what I'm talking
"You can say that again!"
"You got that right!"
"You said a mouthful!"
"You said it!"
"You said it, brother!"
"You said it, sister!"
"___ to that!"
"___, brother!"
**Parting word
*Sermon closer
A fad involving fitting of foreskin-ring: should this worry me - sorry, him?
A fade out in the middle is so long
A fond farewell
A person may go off with
American saying proper farewell
Approval for one like this
Approval power
Au revoir
Authority keeps quiet
Authority that doesn't speak?
Brother's word?
Bye word
Call from the flock
Church response
Church word
Churchgoer's assent?
Closing bid?
Comment of concurrence
Commercial that is for all to see, and so long
Cry from the pews
Emphatic agreement
Encouraging word
End of a prayer
End of grace
Evangelical's cry
Exiter's exclamation
Expire in golden surroundings, farewell!
Expression of agreement
Fancy goodbye
Farewell all, distinguished individuals exiting - universally prominent characters
Farewell, to Pierre
Father's conclusion
Final approval
Final authority
Final authority is Mum?
Final decision
Flock's response
Flowery "ta-ta"
Follower of "for ever and
Formal goodbye
French farewell
Gallic goodbye
Goodbye (Fr.)
Goodbye for new aide to union leader
Goodbye, in Paris
Goodbye, mon ami!
Goodbye, moving 18 27 soon?
Grace closing
Grace ender
Grace finisher
Grace period?
Grace's end
Hit by thought, with answer falling out
Hymn ender
Hymn ending
Hymn sign-off
Hymn word
Hymnal word
I'm going to pass on gold frames
I'm leaving, stop breaking my heart?
Is mum OK?
It may be bid
It means "Go with God"
It's comparatively straight, Uncle's side parting
It's often said with the
Last thing said before di
Last word in the New Test
Last word?
Leave word for the French
Literally, "to God"
Mass assent
Mass conclusion
Mass exodus preceder?
Monks, say, behind a termination of religious activity?
Music to a minister's ear
Notice one at the centre queued for so long
Numerical prefix
Oddly shunned, said piteous goodbye
Palm fern, regularly used after prayer
Parishioner's line
Parisian goodbye
Parting word
Parting word
Period of prayer?
Polite goodbye
Prayer close
Prayer closer
Prayer ending
Prayer finale
Prayer period?
Prayer response
Prayer word
Prayer's end
Preacher's word
Response from congregation almost put right
Revival cry
Revival meeting cry
Revival word
Roadie usually having the last word
See you later
Sermon closer
Service approval
Service closer
Service sign-off
So be it
So be it!
So long to suffer in a university
Some parliamentary conclusion by minister?
Something bid
Something to bid
Stop interrupting Athletic and United's leave-taking
Stop working in centre of Beaune - I'm getting outta here!
The final word
The last word of a Japanese soup recipe is missing
To the French, taking leave
Top 10 hit for the Impres
Toulouse "Toodle-oo"
Toulouse ta-ta
Ultimate authority
Unionist pursues crazy idea for so long
Unsupported statement
Uses no words, presumably, to show authority
Utterance on the way out
What bishops say after plea's conclusion?
What could be cast in gold for farewell
What the boss has
Word of agreement
Word on the way out
Word on the way out?
Word said before looking
Word said before opening
Word said just before ope
Word said with vigorous n
Word sung twice before "t
___ corner (church area)

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