Explode - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 04/10/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Explode.

6 letter answer(s) to explode

  1. a photographic print that has been enlarged
  2. an unrestrained expression of emotion
  3. a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction

5 letter answer(s) to explode

  1. emerge suddenly; "The sun burst into view"
  2. the act of exploding or bursting; "the explosion of the firecrackers awoke the children"; "the burst of an atom bomb creates enormous radiation aloft"
  3. force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"
  4. a sudden flurry of activity (often for no obvious reason); "a burst of applause"; "a fit of housecleaning"
  5. move suddenly, energetically, or violently; "He burst out of the house into the cool night"
  6. rapid simultaneous discharge of firearms; "our fusillade from the left flank caught them by surprise"
  7. cause to burst; "The ice broke the pipe"
  8. a sudden intense happening; "an outburst of heavy rain"; "a burst of lightning"
  9. be in a state of movement or action; "The room abounded with screaming children"; "The garden bristled with toddlers"
  10. burst outward, usually with noise; "The champagne bottle exploded"
  1. become raw or open; "He broke out in hives"; "My skin breaks out when I eat strawberries"; "Such boils tend to recrudesce"
  2. start abruptly; "After 1989, peace broke out in the former East Bloc"
  3. appear on the skin; "A rash erupted on her arms after she had touched the exotic plant"
  4. break out; "The tooth erupted and had to be extracted"
  5. force out or release suddenly and often violently something pent up; "break into tears"; "erupt in anger"
  6. start to burn or burst into flames; "Marsh gases ignited suddenly"; "The oily rags combusted spontaneously"
  7. become active and spew forth lava and rocks; "Vesuvius erupts once in a while"
  8. erupt or intensify suddenly; "Unrest erupted in the country"; "Tempers flared at the meeting"; "The crowd irrupted into a burst of patriotism"

1 letter answer(s) to explode

  1. Phosphorus - a multivalent nonmetallic element of the nitrogen family that occurs commonly in inorganic phosphate rocks and as organic phosphates in all living cells; is highly reactive and occurs in several allotropic forms

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