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  1. bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow; "the burglar carried his loot in a pillowcase"
  2. a specific state of mind that is temporary; "a case of the jitters"
  3. (printing) the receptacle in which a compositor has his type, which is divided into compartments for the different letters, spaces, or numbers; "for English, a compositor will ordinarily have two such cases, the upper case containing the capitals and the lower case containing the small letters"
  4. the enclosing frame around a door or window opening; "the casings had rotted away and had to be replaced"
  5. the housing or outer covering of something; "the clock has a walnut case"
  6. enclose in, or as if in, a case; "my feet were encased in mud"
  7. an enveloping structure or covering enclosing an animal or plant organ or part
  8. look over, usually with the intention to rob; "They men cased the housed"
  9. the actual state of things; "that was not the case"
  10. nouns
  1. an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time
  1. an item of information that is typical of a class or group; "this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"; "there is an example on page 10"
  2. an occurrence of something; "it was a case of bad judgment"; "another instance occurred yesterday"; "but there is always the famous example of the Smiths"
  3. clarify by giving an example of
  1. a representative form or pattern; "I profited from his example"
  2. a woman who wears clothes to display fashions; "she was too fat to be a mannequin"
  3. a person who poses for a photographer or painter or sculptor; "the president didn't have time to be a model so the artist worked from photos"
  4. someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
  5. form in clay, wax, etc; "model a head with clay"
  6. construct a model of; "model an airplane"
  7. create a representation or model of; "The pilots are trained in conditions simulating high-altitude flights"
  8. plan or create according to a model or models
  9. display (clothes) as a mannequin; "model the latest fashion"
  10. assume a posture as for artistic purposes; "We don't know the woman who posed for Leonardo so often"
  11. the act of representing something (usually on a smaller scale)
  12. representation of something (sometimes on a smaller scale)
  1. a bit of tissue or blood or urine that is taken for diagnostic purposes; "they collected a urine specimen for urinalysis"
  2. an example regarded as typical of its class
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