Engine sound - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Engine sound.

  1. a sudden noisy expulsion of air from the lungs that clears the air passages; a common symptom of upper respiratory infection or bronchitis or pneumonia or tuberculosis
  2. exhale abruptly, as when one has a chest cold or congestion; "The smoker coughs all day"
  1. contact, usually in order to remind of something; "I'll ping my accountant--April 15 is nearing"
  2. hit with a pinging noise; "The bugs pinged the lamp shade"
  3. make a short high-pitched sound; "the bullet pinged when they struck the car"
  4. sound like a car engine that is firing too early; "the car pinged when I put in low-octane gasoline"; "The car pinked when the ignition was too far retarded"
  5. a sharp high-pitched resonant sound (as of a sonar echo or a bullet striking metal)
  6. a river in western Thailand; a major tributary of the Chao Phraya
  7. send a message from one computer to another to check whether it is reachable and active; "ping your machine in the office"
  1. a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat
  2. indicate pleasure by purring; characteristic of cats
  3. make a soft swishing sound; "the motor whirred"; "the car engine purred"
  1. a very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal); "his bellow filled the hallway"
  2. a deep prolonged loud noise
  3. the sound made by a lion
  4. laugh unrestrainedly and heartily
  5. utter words loudly and forcefully; "`Get out of here,' he roared"
  6. make a loud noise, as of wind, water, or vehicles; "The wind was howling in the trees"; "The water roared down the chute"
  7. emit long loud cries; "wail in self-pity"; "howl with sorrow"
  8. make a loud noise, as of animal; "The bull bellowed"
  9. act or proceed in a riotous, turbulent, or disorderly way; "desperadoes from the hills regularly roared in to take over the town"-R.A.Billington
  1. a complaint uttered in a plaintive whining way
  2. complain whiningly
  3. talk in a tearful manner
  4. move with a whining sound; "The bullets were whining past us"
  5. make a high-pitched, screeching noise; "The door creaked when I opened it slowly"; "My car engine makes a whining noise"

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