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  1. give a defence or refutation of (a charge) or in (an argument); "The defendant answered to all the charges of the prosecution"
  2. the speech act of replying to a question
  3. react verbally; "She didn't want to answer"; "answer the question"; "We answered that we would accept the invitation"
  4. be satisfactory for; meet the requirements of or serve the purpose of; "This may answer her needs"
  5. match or correspond; "The drawing of the suspect answers to the description the victim gave"
  6. be sufficient; be adequate, either in quality or quantity; "A few words would answer"; "This car suits my purpose well"; "Will $100 do?"; "A 'B' grade doesn't suffice to get me into medical school"; "Nothing else will serve"
  7. be liable or accountable; "She must answer for her actions"
  8. understand the meaning of; "The question concerning the meaning of life cannot be answered"
  9. a nonverbal reaction; "his answer to any problem was to get drunk
  1. (Greek mythology) one of the mountain nymphs

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