Burden - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 25/08/2021

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Burden.

4 letter answer(s) to burden

  1. an obligation to pay or do something
  2. money or goods or services owed by one person to another
  3. the state of owing something (especially money); "he is badly in debt"
  1. corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones; "adulterate liquor"
  2. fill or place a load on; "load a car"; "load the truck with hay"
  3. goods carried by a large vehicle
  4. provide (a device) with something necessary; "He loaded his gun carefully"; "load the camera"
  5. weight to be borne or conveyed
  6. put (something) on a structure or conveyance; "load the bags onto the trucks"
  7. electrical device to which electrical power is delivered
  8. transfer from a storage device to a computer's memory
  9. the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents
  10. an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that's a load off my mind"
  11. a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks <
  1. an onerous or difficult concern; "the burden of responsibility"; "that's a load off my mind"
  1. put a yoke on or join with a yoke; "Yoke the draft horses together"
  2. stable gear that joins two draft animals at the neck so they can work together as a team
  3. link with or as with a yoke; "yoke the oxen together"
  4. fabric comprising a fitted part at the top of a garment
  5. become joined or linked together
  6. a connection (like a clamp or vise) between two things so they move together
  7. support consisting of a wooden frame across the shoulders that enables a person to carry buckets hanging from each end
  8. a pair of draft animals joined by a yoke; "pulled by a yoke of oxen"
  9. two items of the same kind
  10. an oppressive power; "under the yoke of a tyrant"; "they threw off the yoke of domination"

3 letter answer(s) to burden

  1. charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government
  2. levy
  3. make a charge against or accuse; "They taxed him failure to appear in court"
  4. use to the limit; "you are taxing my patience"
  5. levy a tax on; "The State taxes alcohol heavily"; "Clothing is not taxed in our state"
  6. set or determine the amount of (a payment such as a fine)

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You're strapped when you'
___ of gratitude
___ of honor
___ probandi
___ probandi (burden of p

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