Beloved - Crossword Clue

Crossword Clue Last Updated: 24/12/2020

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Beloved.

5 letter answer(s) to beloved

  1. squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness; "Hug me, please"; "They embraced"; "He hugged her close to him"
  2. hide in one's bosom; "She bosomed his letters"
  3. a close affectionate and protective acceptance; "his willing embrace of new ideas"; "in the bosom of the family"
  4. cloth that covers the chest or breasts
  5. a person's breast or chest
  6. either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
  7. the locus of feelings and intuitions; "in your heart you know it is true"; "her story would melt your bosom"
  8. the chest considered as the place where secret thoughts are kept; "his bosom was bursting with the secret"

7 letter answer(s) to beloved

  1. dearly loved
  2. an Australian river; tributary of the Murray River
  3. a special loved one

4 letter answer(s) to beloved

  1. at a great cost; "he paid dearly for the food"; "this cost him dear"
  2. with affection; "she loved him dearly"; "he treats her affectionately"
  3. with or in a close or intimate relationship;
  4. having a high price; "costly jewelry"; "high-priced merchandise"; "much too dear for my pocketbook"; "a pricey restaurant"
  5. a beloved person; used as terms of endearment
  6. dearly loved
  7. a sweet innocent mild-mannered person (especially a child)
  8. earnest; "one's dearest wish"; "devout wishes for their success"; "heartfelt condolences"

10 letter answer(s) to beloved

  1. a very attractive or seductive looking woman
  2. any well-liked individual; "he's a sweetheart"
  3. a person loved by another person
  4. privileged treatment of a favored person or corporation (sometimes unethically); "another sweetheart deal based on political influence"

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