Back copies marked and sorted out - Crossword Clue

Below are possible answers for the crossword clue Back copies marked and sorted out.

  1. mark as different; "We distinguish several kinds of maple"
  2. arrange or order by classes or categories; "How would you classify these pottery shards--are they prehistoric?"
  3. divide into components or constituents; "Separate the wheat from the chaff"
  4. force, take, or pull apart; "He separated the fighting children"; "Moses parted the Red Sea"
  5. come apart; "The two pieces that we had glued separated"
  6. go one's own way; move apart; "The friends separated after the party"
  7. make a division or separation
  8. spaced apart
  9. discontinue an association or relation; go different ways;
  10. no longer connected or joined; "a detached part"; "on one side of the island was a hugh rock, almost detached"; "the separated spacecraft will return to their home bases"
  11. separate into parts or portions; "divide the cake into three equal parts"; "The British carved up the Ottoman Empire after World War I"
  12. separated at th
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