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21st September 2012, 11:00
Just checked the spelling again and according to the Internet I have it right. How do you spell this word???
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21st September 2012, 11:14
With one 'r' corespondent shoes--look it up in
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21st September 2012, 11:46
Thanks Shambles ka. Have tried for ages to get a copy of Chambers 10th edition but no joy apart from in the library of a cruise ship but had to leave it there!!! Any idea where I can get one?
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21st September 2012, 11:51
The current edition of Chambers is the 12th. The Works have the 11th ed. for £9.99.
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21st September 2012, 12:10
Thanks Rambler. Will get one if our local Works has one. Just thought that the clues were specifically found in 10th edition but on reflection a more up to date one should have even more info!
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21st September 2012, 12:32
I don't want answers thank you
Due to this thread and all the others that will follow I am no longer doing it
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21st September 2012, 13:40
It would appear that this Rainbow quiz is going the same way as previous ones.
I can't remember how many pages it ran to last time but I felt most answers were given in one form or another - and well before the closing date.

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mrs trellis

21st September 2012, 17:19
Cup of tea anyone?
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21st September 2012, 17:52
When are all you saddos going to stop bitching about each other and occasional site users - get a life! There is a huge amount of intellectual arrogance from some people (I have the answer and am very clever, why should you cheat off me - bog off), followed by extreme petulance (all right then, let's spoil everyone's fun by publishing all the answers). I have used the site - and the other one - for indication of direction on the ones I have run out of inspiration on, about 10 this time. I do the quiz with a couple of others, and we get much more satisfaction from sending in a completed version than one with 98%. I will always send in my cheque regardless, so source of research seems somewhat irrelevant - you'll be trying to ban one-look next.

And in terms of timing, there aren't any prizes for being first (not that that would make a shoestring of difference), so why the sadistic insistence of maddening yourself for ten weeks instead of two?

I would have preferred it if hints on this site (and the other) were all clever and subtle, as a lot of them have been, but that becomes a very subjective judgment.

Oh dear, beginning to sound like the ranters that I despise!
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21st September 2012, 21:05
32. This animal could be seen as first-rate (5,4,5)
68. Pass compiler feathers from a senior sibling (4,2,4) Hand?
78. I'll return in small sailing-ship to Land's End to get unpleasant instrument (10)-can only think of thumbscrew????
79. But this is all that's left in the schooner (7)
81. Irritated Ivy harms the rider. That's a bad sign ! (6,5) keep thinking thumbs down..
86. Then rascal trots away to become this highly-ranked folk hero (7,3,5)
87. Understand it, I drag away electric lead and am walking on my toes! (11)
88. Just before fiftyone of them is more comfortable
91. Ceremony openingsnormally include performances that everyone relishes (6)
96. The chaplain always had one-almost to keep his hand in (8)
Any ideas please?
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