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greedy kite

21st September 2012, 00:09
Sorry, you're wrong once again, Phillip: it was the quizmaster himself, as you very well know, who invited people who thought they'd finished to submit in order to have a chance of being declared the first;otherwise he decided to indicate where something was wrong.No fault of my own, you should admit, after all the correspondence on the subject at that time.
What amuses me no end now is that after all your criticism and stalking of me, for which you were given a final warning by the director of this forum, having gone to the length of playing out publicly your fantasy of my suicide,you have suddenly started giving away one answer after the other! I have taken the trouble to count the number of different questions of these hundred that have now been discussed or are still being discussed on the two forums, and , before the partly filled-out form now available for all to consult,there were already nearly one third answered partially or totally, and that after only 19 days out of the 91 available!I would have thought this makes a mockery of the forums, which originally had the intention of exchanging assistance on a much more modest basis, especially where charity quizzes are concerned.But of course there is probably no stopping it now.
Far more important, I and many others resent your tone, otherwise we could have a genuine exchange of opinion on the argupents for & against.If anyone has been constantly holier-than-thou, it was you. I have explained how I have come to modify my opinion and my behaviour, and why. The thing is over for me, has been for a very long time, in fact. It's just that I like to observe.And I stand by my criticism.As with many things in life, it's a question of how far you go.
So please all continue as you see fit!
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21st September 2012, 00:09
I can see both sides of the argument regarding whether or not we should be giving and receiving hints, clues, answers, etc. But I do wonder about the situation where people who do not get all the answers (right or wrong) and therefore do not participate, i.e., they do not send in what they have completed. In these cases the charity would not benefit, which, after all is our main consideration. It's a difficult one, I must admit.
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greedy kite

21st September 2012, 00:23
@ Dougglos: People are definitely encouraged in the instructions to send in whatever they can and there's even the incentive of prizes independent of results. So I think everything possible is done to ensure a maximum number of entrants & therefore contributions. Perhaps with the latest developments (see above) there will be more participation! I was only trying to question the wisdom of carrying the process to such extremes.
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21st September 2012, 00:45

1. I didn't go into details about who/how/why you could repeatedly re-submit your answer sheet. I just said that you thought it was OK. which you clearly did as you were doing it, and tried to defend it. and failed.

2. my fantasy about your suicide? I don't think so. after your posting some tale of having your life saved by being trepanned after an accident I posted a jokey alternative of an alcohol fueled DIY effort. You didn't die in my version either.

3. All my criticism and stalking of you? we fell out when you couldn't accept that a plover is not a bunting. even claiming to have a book to back you up. a book you couldn't quite get your hands on.

4. I've had no warnings from HQ about stalking/criticising you. probably because I haven't been stalking you.

5. all your fine talk about what this forum is really about is purely your personal opinion and not backed up by any rules or even conventions.

6. you seem to like to put a twist on what was actually said/done to enhance your victim status. while at the same time you make unsubstantiated accusations.

7. there isn't much point in us discussing anything is there. I won't reply to any response you make unless you accuse me of further crimes that only happened in your imagination.
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greedy kite

21st September 2012, 06:07
Dearest Phillip!

The only point I can agree with you on is of course the first part of your last one, and that is quite enough, isn't it? Maybe you haven't noticed (or otherwise misinterpreted)the fact that your constant emotional & personal provocations are not responded to any longer by ANYONE.
And to help matters I'm thinking of changing my name. I'm no longer greedy.Maybe something with Zen? What do you think? I realize you always know best.
Your secret admirer, still known for the moment as GK.

P.S. Maybe a few others have an opinion, too???
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21st September 2012, 07:22
Come on chaps, this is getting oit of hand.
It's supposed to be fun.

Personally, I don't think the Charity suffers, they make thousands of ££s every year. LG

p.s. I use this site as a last resort, after I have finished the quiz.

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21st September 2012, 07:30
Sorry,out of hand.
I should have said, I use the site when I have exhausted all areas of research and have
finished all I can solve myself, usually the last couple. LG
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21st September 2012, 10:09
Keenquizzer. No 56. First word you say is correspondent. That is 13 letters whereas it should be 12. How about Kaleidoscope as that refers to colour and something to do with adultery in middle eastern countries, I think!
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21st September 2012, 10:17
You need to check the spelling before you whizz off to exotic lands!
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21st September 2012, 10:53
You are perfectly correct. Thanks. Don't think I will jet off to those exotic lands!!!!
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