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23rd October 2012, 21:02
hi all. thanks for all the help i've had so far. a couple of queries- 1. still not got no.88, and not happy with my answer to no.57. have got two- one beginning with a n "n" and the other "g". any answers please.sorry, not keen on the answer to no. 49 either.
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31st October 2012, 11:53
heather39. we seem to be the the only remaining posters. I have finally solved 72 so this is my last post, so first thaks to all those who have posted helpful hints. To do my share, for 88 think cosy & look up different spellings in Chambers. for 57 it is neither n or q, finally as the clue indicates look at the first 4 words, for 49 look up snobs in Chambers
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7th November 2012, 15:48
Hi people

Have struggled with this one but now I'm stuck on the last one to solve!!
I've tried so many times it's embarrassing but I cannot solve the anagram that is 86, which I think is of the first three words?
Any assistance to get some sleep would be appreciated!
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7th November 2012, 15:53


7th November 2012, 17:36

Are you married??

At last I can sleep!!

Many, many thanks!!
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