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18th April 2009, 16:44
Very well done Lizzyminto ! I am going with that .Brilliant .
Can I just ask someone to confirm one answer for me ?
Q30 One hundred and fifty points to the right mark for holder .
I am dithering between Clothesline and Clothespegs or am on the wrong track altogether .
Many thanks
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18th April 2009, 17:03
hello, just read your post, for 30 i have candlestick, can I ask about 36, for a starter easy opening clue was revised and left with obscure ending. Thanks in anticipation
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18th April 2009, 17:11
Thank you schooldaze .Candlestick sounds much better !
For your query to 36 I have Ecuelle .A two handled bowl used for soup( a starter).E.Opening of easy .+ Clue (revised) and LE left .That's how I worked it out anyway.
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19th April 2009, 12:32
No.19. What about DOGCOLLAR??
Mans best friend DOG. Clergy being connected to Close, and collar going round?? or something like that!!!
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19th April 2009, 12:49
After reading about MUCKENDER , I much prefer that answer. Thanks. GH
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19th April 2009, 14:55
Just writing them up now. could someone please confirm my answer for No.84 I have ......aire understand first part and sign why the extra e is it for employed. and are they used just for executives? got this one very early on now doubting my self.
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19th April 2009, 15:05
hello Lizzyminto
Confidential = secret. Sign = Aries ( as in starsign)
Swap it around to give you Secretaires
A writing desk resembling a secretary.Secretaire is french for secretary
Executives employ a secretary.
Just checking mine now too. Good Luck
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19th April 2009, 15:10
Topsy. Many thanks I had left the s off the end so didnt make full sense. was reading air as star sign. earth fire. ect. with an extra e. now with aries much better. g.luck.
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23rd May 2009, 22:03
Just resurecting a previous, long running thread that covered the current cryptic charity quiz thread

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