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16th April 2009, 16:37
GINGERHENDRY I wish that I had been able to solve that clue !! Brilliant. I think that somebody was on to it on the other place, but did not give your explanation Thanks for that What about no. 19? of am I asking too much !
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16th April 2009, 16:43
TOPSY Cogratulatios to you also for No 94 Brilliant I doubt whether I would ever have solved it1
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16th April 2009, 17:01

There you go again, besmirching my good name and suggesting that I had given up on Q. 94 (how perceptive of you.

However, I am a little concerned about all the euphoria about the suggestion from TOPSY (sorry!!), in that the answer constructed by following the logic would be PORRINGERS which is 10 letters. However, if we accept GINGERHENDRY's suggestion of PORRINGER, 9 letters, this is in the singular whereas the clue calls for item(s), clearly plural, or am I being too picky?

Actually, I was quite impressed with your SIDEBOARD and was thinking up a suitable, grudging, congratulatory message when you abandoned it for the 10 letter suggestion.

Where does that leave us?

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16th April 2009, 17:17
Aha, I knew you would come back sometime. Actually it was Topsy who gave the explanation, very good too. Clue No. 2 says POrtion of bread raises the standing of bell-RINGERS, which is where the two extremes come from. I thought sideboards was a better answer than sou'westers and I spent a long time checking it (while you were flitting about every either page I might add) but hers is more logical. Sometimes you can't see the wood from the trees!!! See you later and keep on with the 19......
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16th April 2009, 17:31

PORINGERS is not the correct spelling and, as I say, PORRINGERS, the correct spelling, is 10 letters??
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16th April 2009, 18:01
thanks for help with no.94. brilliant. please like everybody else can I have a tip for no.19.
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16th April 2009, 20:25
Sorry JaimeBe, typing too fast. Should have put PORtion of bread raises the standing of bellRINGERS, eh voila!! 10 letters. I do think that her explanation is the correct one as porringers in the Chambers is a Shakespearean cap and it also complies with the "two extremes" which as you very well know is what I had trouble with with all the other answers. (although I think my sideboards would have worked if the answer hadn't referred to clue No. 2.) Any ideas on No. 19 so we can all put this one to bed?????
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16th April 2009, 22:11

Just a final few words as to my continuing doubts about 94.

1. If PORRINGERS is correct then the number of letters in the clue is wrong.

2. If PORRINGER (singular)is correct then the wording of the clue is wrong as it refers to items of headgear which is plural

3. You suggest that the clincher is the reference to extreems in clue 2? Well I'm not convinced by this. The reference is to "two" extreems; normally references to other clues would be by using the numeral i.e. 2

Anyway, clue 19, so far, like a number of other contributors, I have a number of words that, at best, can only be described as "straw clutching such as

Best friend who is CARING

PET who is someone who is close


CAR(PET)ING = Protection

As you can see, I'm a long way from my EUREEKA moment. But I will burn even more midnight oil in my endeavours.

Now, let's see now, err, jewelry and clothing, eh? mmmmm..., Oh, sorry, ignore that, errr, see you later. As long as I can remember how to spell

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16th April 2009, 22:42
One of us is losing it. Now I want you to sit down in your favourite chair, feet up, head back, my blank......Aah I see you were ahead of me on that one. Comfy are we?

94. Shakesopearean items of headgear come from TWO extremes. (10)

2. POR tion of bread raises the standing of bell RINGERS. Extremes of the phrase makes PORRINGERS with 10 letters.

Now go and ask Mrs. JaimeBe to make you a nice cup of cocoa, early night for you Jimbo! Ping!!, good God I actually heard the penny drop then.

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17th April 2009, 22:58
Things are a bit quiet on the Rainbow quiz front at the moment so I will attempt to kickstart things into action again with a rather desperate "straw clutcher"

Way back in my distant memory I seem to recall the use of "tosh" as a term of endearment to a friend as in Hi tosh, how are you?

So, your best friend is your main tosh

So, Main tosh around C (Close) = Macintosh?

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