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10th April 2009, 08:53
Apologies, but I don't have any better suggestions for the answer than have already been made.

However, I'm not sure that stovepipe hats existed in Shakespearean times. They may have been used widely in the 19th century (including in performances of Shakespeare).

Best Wishes.
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10th April 2009, 22:14
Well, now that I am down to four answers to find and I really need to get some sort of life back again and be able to sleep at nights without a piece of paper and pen on the bedside table in case I should think of anything relevant at four in the morning, I'm asking for a bit of help. I still have the proverbial 19 and 94 to do but I also have 38 and 80. I go backwards and forwards between all of them but, as we all know, the less you have the harder it is to concentrate. So if anybody has any ideas? I know that Alec Waugh invented the cocktail party but I can't tie him into bedsits or studios or anything so think I am probably on the wrong track, and for 80. the only thing I can think of is a word with harp, but that's more than likely wrong too.
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john (from arran)

10th April 2009, 22:30
OK Campanilla, I'll put you onto the right path. Look up 'Irish Bouzouki' and to which family of stringed instruments it belongs. Then 'E'xtend that word by one letter and you will find a French kitchen implement.


BTW, I'm a bit behind as I only started this quiz yesterday and still have 24 to get.
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10th April 2009, 22:34
By the way, Jim, I spent hours last night going through dozens of websites on Elizabethan clothing, (I now know more than I never wanted to know about the subject and I can assure you that should I come back as Elizabeth I in a next life, I will be more than appropriately dressed!!) and there were references to stovepipe hats on most of them. Apparently the taller the hat the more important the person. I'm still not happy with that as I agree with you, stovepipe hats were more Victorian, Abe Lincoln springs immediately to mind. But.... I did spy on "the other place" this afternoon, but don't tell anybody, and there was one pitiful thread from a person named TeenageOAP too frightened to actually ask for help, just wanted somebody to sympathize with them, and there the consensus seems to lean towards "sou'westers" which I think is good but, being pedantic I still have a problem with the two extremes bit which to me should be either south/north or west/east not south/west. Any ideas anybody?
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10th April 2009, 22:36
My God, the man's a genius!!!!!!!
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john (from arran)

10th April 2009, 22:40
May I ask where this 'Other Place' might be?
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10th April 2009, 22:53
Campanilla Thanks for your help on a number of postings running through this super website. EXTREMES OF can be indicators of first letters and last letters of associated wordsin the clue In this example the clue would start with an S and end with an S You may be aware of this one. it might help
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10th April 2009, 22:54
If we let you into the secret it must only be spoken of in a whisper, behind closed doors. It's called AnswerBank and it has thousands of extremely clever people whose aim in life is to be the first ones always to answer questions posed (sometimes they answer before the question is even asked they're that good). Unfortunately, as is it somewhat of a closed shop and every time someone posts a question on the Rainbow Charity Puzzle they have a collective heaemorrhage and a whole herd of them fall on you like a ton of bricks baying for blood. It's good fun to wind the up sometimes. You should try it sometime when you're bored.
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10th April 2009, 22:59
That's a good point, MD, I hadn't thought of that but as they both start and end with an "s" which to go for? I had also thought of "chimneypot" because there is a chimneypot hat although I'm not sure which century it belongs to, but that really doesn't tie in with extremes anywhere.
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10th April 2009, 23:29
John(From Arran) I am totally impressed, how on earth did you know to look for an Irish Bouzouki for the clue. I need to go and lie down in a dark room now to recover!!
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